YMMV / Interviewing Leather

Interviewing Leather is a Web Original short story by Eric Burns-White about a music journalist named Todd Chapman sent to interview the supervillainess Leather for a rock and roll magazine. Deconstruction of Comic Book Tropes ensues.

The fourteen-part story is finished and can be found here. The sequel, Interviewing Trey, began updating weekly on May 31st, 2013 — and stopped mid-story on August 30th of the same year as the author battled medical issues — can be found here.


  • Author Existence Failure: A sincere worry, as the author's last updates spoke of illness and were, at the time this was written, at least 12 months old. So Interviewing Trey may never be finished.
    • After a long, long time, the next Interviewing Trey has finally been posted, so hopefully...