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YMMV: Interpol
  • Broken Base - As is typical with any band, each new album ends up as a slight base breaker. More recently, Carlos' departure and the addition of Brandon Curtis as backup vocalist have inspired some negative reactions from fans.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - "Evil", "C'Mere", and "Slow Hands" from Antics are frequently regarded as this.
    • So is "PDA" off of Turn on The Bright Lights, often regarded as their Signature Song.
    • "Mammoth" and "Pioneer to the Falls" from Our Love to Admire.
    • "Barricade" and "Success" from their Self-Titled Album.
    • "Everything is Wrong," "Breaker 1," and "My Desire" from El Pintor.
  • Ear Worm - The bass riff from "Evil".
  • Epic Riff - This trope is Daniel Kessler's specialty. It's hard to name one Interpol song which doesn't have one. Carlos Dengler is a dab hand at them on bass, too.
  • Face of the Band - Unlike most other lead singers of rock bands, Paul Banks is not generally considered the "face" of Interpol. The band is instead rather homogenous. When Banks undertook a solo project in 2009 he used a psuedonym, thereby preserving the status quo as it were.
  • Fan Community Nickname - Norman, the puppet from the "Evil" video.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff - Very popular in Mexico.
  • Harsher in Hindsight - some lyrics from "Obstacle 1", such as "you go stabbing yourself in the neck", become this if one believes the theory of the song being based on a certain real-life incident.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Some of their lyrics are quite, quite dark. Take "PDA" for example: "You are a past dinner, the last winner, I'm raping all around me.... you're so cute when you're sedated, dear. Oh yes dear, Sleep tight, grim rite..." All sung in Banks' trademark monotone. The video makes it even creepier by featuring Banks' partially obscured face looking straight on at the camera through big sunglasses, completely still except for his lips as he sings it.
    • Norman the puppet from the "Evil" video. Then again, the "Evil" video in general. Particularly the end.
    • The lyrics to "PDA", as mentioned above.
    • From "A Time To Be So Small": "When the cadaverous mobs save their doors for the dead men, you will not leave."
    • "Wrecking Ball" from Our Love To Admire. "I'm inside, like the wrecking ball through your eyes, and I changed it all from inside."
    • "Pioneer to the Falls," which is about the real-life rape and murder of Imette St. Gillian in New York.
  • Signature Song: "Slow Hands", "Obstacle 1" and "Evil" are best known to casual listeners.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Turn on the Bright Lights was considered by many critics to be not just one of the best albums of 2002 but of the decade. None of their follow-ups has achieved the same level of acclaim, though Antics and El Pintor have come close.
  • Uncanny Valley - Norman.

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