YMMV / International Comic Continuity

  • Archive Binge: God help anyone trying to read up on all canon comics, especially Gavla's or Ennar's.
  • Canon Sue: Dlakii (the character) has traces of this, the character having been devised at a time where Light as an element was exclusive to a single character in BIONICLE canon, and used that character's similarly exclusive mask. Dlakii (the real person) has expressed his regret for these choices and has said that, could he do it over, the character would be quite different in those areas. Possibly justified in how such designs have always been a regular occurrence in the BIONICLE fandom; either way, he doesn't fare quite as badly in that regard as does his counterpart in Dlakii's (the person) more serious non-ICC work, The Unknown Turaga Saga.
    Tahu: hey man thats not kool i wanted that ceral
    Lewa: yea bro, wel evryone wants ceral sometimes know what im sayin
    Tahu: no bro i meant i wanted to mary that cerel
    Ackar: jegus lewa how could you be so hartless
  • Mis-blamed: Playing with this trope much the entire reason that Gnuklear exists.
  • Nightmare Fuel: KanyeDora can possibly ensure sleepless nights.
  • Special Effects Failure: Most often averted (and practically non existent in (3L)2 and in season Beta of Nuparurocks' Comics) and parodied. But some strips (in particular the earliest strips of the group's series) do experience this.