YMMV: Interesting NPCs

  • Complete Monster: S'Vashni. A complete and utter sociopath, she has spent her entire life murdering innocent people and stealing their secrets. When one man, a Blade, offered her his hospitality and training, she brutally murdered him purely out of spite for him daring to pity her. And that's just her backstory. In the actual mod, she intends to desecrate one of the last Blades strongholds purely so she can profane her former master's Secret Art and use it for her own murderous agenda. Unempathetic, cruel, and utterly disdainful of all life, S'Vashni is an utter sadist whose only desire in life is to kill.
    • Baron Gabania, brutal rapist and slave trader, is a less arguable example.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Well, the mod as a whole could be counted as this, seeing as how popular it is, but among it there are a few characters who stand out:
  • Game Breaker: Dagri'Lon. Acknowledged by the creator here; apparently he was never meant to be a follower.
  • Memetic Badass: Ulfric always had this treatment in the base game, but here it's just made more explicit.
  • True Neutral: Travelling Khajiit monk Qa'Dojo's moral philosophy, with him valuing balance of the universe first and foremost and considering no Aedra or Daedra to be truly evil. While his in-game follower morality is Any Crime, most of his dialogue is vaguely good-ish.