YMMV / Interesting NPCs

  • Complete Monster: Korrilan, a "tailor" in Riften, has perfected the ability to Body Surf, transferring his soul between bodies to stay alive, and also just when he tires of wearing his current "outfit." He gets bodies by using a modified Black Soul Gem creation process and healing magics to trick the souls of living beings into leaving their bodies, rendering them soulless shells for him to use as he likes. It's implied he's done this across Tamriel for years if not decades, has gone through several victims in the process, and has killed others who found out his secret and tried to stop him. As he calmly explains this, he not only refers to the braindead bodies he uses as "clothes," but treats them as dismissively as though they were, having the Player Character kill his current host body without a care so that he can demonstrate his ability.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Well, the mod as a whole could be counted as this, seeing as how popular it is, but among it there are a few characters who stand out:
  • Game-Breaker: Early versions of Dagri'Lon. Acknowledged by the creator here; apparently he was never meant to be a follower. Eventually, his level was lowered to be a still-impressive 1.5 times the player's level, with a hard cap at 80.
  • Memetic Badass: Ulfric always had this treatment in the base game, but here it's just made more explicit.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The series of books titled "The Paper Mirror" found in the eponymous quest. They're written by an anonymous author... with you as the protagonist, starting from when you find the first book in the series. The questline itself then plays out according to the books. Think about it: your actions are being guided by an unknown person by simply writing them into books and you never find out who was behind this.
  • Tear Jerker: The death of Nelos at the end of the quest "The Radiant Dark", if you sided with him. Especially since it turns out that he knew it was coming, and most of his actions were to prepare you to be his successor, since you turn out to be The Chosen One of the prophecy he pursued.
  • True Neutral: Travelling Khajiit monk Qa'Dojo's moral philosophy, with him valuing balance of the universe first and foremost and considering no Aedra or Daedra to be truly evil. While his in-game follower morality is Any Crime, most of his dialogue is vaguely good-ish.