YMMV / In Treatment

  • Acceptable Professional Targets: Everyone takes a shot at Paul for being a therapist whilst getting life changing help from him.
  • Accidental Innuendo: In Season One, Sophie wears some new red shoes which Paul states remind him of Dorothy's. Sophie doesn't get straight away that he means Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz, and explains her confusion by saying, "You said Dorothy like she was a friend of yours". Paul's face is nothing short of priceless for those who know that "a friend of Dorothy" is a euphemism for being gay.
  • Adaptation Displacement: The original Israeli show it's based on is one of the most successful shows in Israel, and its first season is identical down to almost every single shot. However, it may be canceled because the lead actor tried to kill his wife, so that the third season will definitely be new material.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • The general concensus seems to be that Alex was gay. This is never confirmed by Word of God so alternately he could really have just been seeking the solace of a community that wasn't so oppressive, wasn't trying so hard to nail him down into a rigidly conceived box, wasn't so heavily leaning on him to excel. Considering the way his father treated him... not to mention the military mentality. As an example in one of his later appearances he tells Paul about a dream with supposed homosexual imagery, in which he expresses his desire to "shove an air to air missile up the rear burner" of a fleeing pilot. While homoerotic subtext can easily be read here- the dream itself is very reminiscent of an incident he relays to Paul immediately thereafter, about his wife's attempt to take him back to a hotel... and hopefully afterwards convince him to go back to active duty again. He avoids and it doesn't happen. He even says "she's on a mission". It's possible that he is angry at himself for failing to live up to his responsibilities. He also accepts the logic behind concluding that he was homosexual, admitting that it would explain a lot, which doesn't seem in keeping with a closeted individual.
    • Is Gina a caring and supportive mentor who endures Paul's temper and verbal abuse because she genuinely wants to help him be a better person, or a passive-aggressive Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who's milking Paul for book material and truly isn't all that willing or able to help him? Paul takes the latter view in the third season after their falling-out, but it's left to the audience how accurate his assessment really is.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny:
    "Mom, when I grow up I want to be a rock star!". "Oh, honey, you know you can't do both..."
    • Oliver's turtle crawling out after he leaves, long after Paul and probably much of the audience has forgotten about it.
  • No Yay: Laura and Paul, though to be fair, it's treated as such in-universe too. Paul's confession that he actually reciprocates her feelings and wishes they could be together is not treated as an Anguished Declaration of Love, but rather a sign that he's failing her as a therapist.
  • The Scrappy: Virtually everyone who watches the show hates Laura, Jake, and Amy from their first episodes. To be fair, the other characters aren't too pleasant either, and everyone is a Jerkass at times.
  • The Woobie: Most of the patients, but especially Sophie and April.
    • Jerkass Woobie: For those who don't hate the more annoying patients like Laura and Jake, they are this.