YMMV / In the Name of the King

  • Actor Allusion: Muriella's actress Leelee Sobieski is better known for playing a more famous Lady of War.
  • Complete Monster: Gallian is an Evil Sorcerer who is defined by his belief that he is Above Good and Evil. Magically influencing the primitive, ogre-like Krug into becoming his soldiers, Gallian wages war against the Kingdom of Ehb. He attacks a local village, slaughtering or imprisoning its inhabitants, and personally kills Zeph, Farmer's young son. In the following bloodshed, Gallian's forces kill King Konreid. Gallian later discovers that Farmer's wife, Solana, is pregnant, and uses her as bait to lure in Farmer, who is actually the King's son Camden Konreid. He ultimately kills the magus Merick, declaring that madness will thus forth be known as power. During his final duel with Farmer, he taunts him about his son's death.
  • Foe Yay: Gallian's interaction and fixation on Farmer could be interpreted as this.
  • Ham and Cheese: Ray Liotta as Gallian.
  • So Bad, It's Good: It's pretty widely agreed that this movie is about as close to entertaining as Uwe Boll gets, largely due to its ridiculous casting (see below) and that ridiculous song that plays over the end credits.
  • Special Effects Failure:
    • The Krug costumes are remarkably crude.
    • The CGI backdrop in the throne room looks like something out of a 2003 computer game.
    • The crowd shots of the army are obviously composites of the same small group of extras cloned together into one shot.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Might well be the Trope Codifier. You sort of expect to find Jason Statham, Ron Perlman and John Rhys-Davies in a movie like this, but then you have Burt Reynolds as the King, Matthew Lillard as — well, any sort of royalty, and Ray Liotta as an Evil Sorcerer.