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YMMV: In the Keep of Time
  • Anvilicious: Again, the book is amazingly non-preachy in most of the lessons it teaches. The only truly overhanded moments seem to come when the author snarks about the idiocy of tourists, and the historical description of Smailholm Tower that acts as a coda to the book, wherein she makes it clear she considers the lessons and resources of the past to be superior to modern life and that, so long as we remain in harmony with nature rather than running roughshod over it, our works will last far beyond our current vaunted science and industrialization.
  • Tear Jerker: Cedric's death. Ollie-Mae's reaction to the ruined abbey, and her talk with Elinor about John the Carver ("He made it for me—to watch over me. Where is John the Carver now?") also count.

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