YMMV / In Hell

  • Complete Monster: The warden, General Hruschov, and his chief guard, Tolik, are the iron-fisted rulers of the Kraviva:
    • General Hruschov, the sadistic warden of the Kraviva, is a man who seems dedicated only to making his prisoners suffer. Having escapees tortured or killed and allowing rampant corruption among his guards, Hruchov personally maintains what he calls the "Sparka" (Swedish for "Kick"), involving brutal fights between his chosen prisoners, often resulting in the losers killed and their bodies unceremoniously dumped into the desert. When recent prisoner Kyle LeBlanc refuses to break under Hruschov's system, Hruschov has him left to the elements and introduces him to his ace in the hole—a tortured brute of a man named Miloc— hoping for Kyle to be beaten to death to give a message to the other prisoners.
    • Tolik uses every bit of his authority to ensure prisoners suffer. He lets Andrei, his prized fighter in the illegal fighting matches Hruschov hosts, rape a handsome inmate named Billy for an entire night. Punishing Billy's repeated escape attempts, Tolik allows Andrei to rape him again and later lets another prisoner beat him so badly Billy dies from his injuries. When Kyle angers Tolik, he forces him to share a cell with a prisoner known for killing his cellmates. Deciding Kyle can be useful when he shows promise as a fighter, Tolik begins betting on Kyle and orders him to kill another prisoner in the ring. Once Kyle becomes sick of the violence and refuses to continue fighting, Tolik chains him outside, exposed to the elements, refusing to tolerate any opposition to the barbaric prison system.