YMMV / Imperium

The book:

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: it is not Hortensius who Heel Face Turned to Cicero's side, but Cicero who Face Heel Turned to side with Hortensius and the aristocrats.
    • Mark Antony is regarded by Cicero (and Tiro) as a bloodthirsty, power crazed thug. On the other hand, Cicero has Antony's stepfather executed without trial and proclaims the assassination of his mentor Caesar to be the greatest act in the history of the Republic. From Antony's point of view, it's quite possibly Pay Evil unto Evil.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome:
    • Cicero's speech about Verres' crimes in Imperium which leads to such loud cheering that the awnings that are covering the forum fall down from the noise.
    • Cicero's opening speech as consul, derailing Magnificent Bastard Caesar's plan completely
  • Magnificent Bastard: Caesar; Crassus on occasion. Cicero himself manages it once or twice.