YMMV / Illusion of Gaia

  • Awesome Music: The game has one of the best (and most overlooked) soundtracks on the SNES, especially the final boss theme, 'Clash of Light and Shadow'
  • Narm: Hamlet's Heroic Sacrifice would probably have had more pathos if the air wasn't filling "with the smell of roast Hamlet"...
    • Or if Erik hadn't made a bad Pun about it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Several characters are gruesomely altered or killed outright. The giant room of vermin in Angkor Wat isn't very pleasant, either.
    • The sequence on the Incan Gold Ship was pretty unsettling too. When you first arrive on the ship, there's all of these people who think you're the king for some reason. The ship sets sail into the beautiful blue sea, and you eventually go take a nap. You have a strange dream involving your mother and the approaching comet, and when you wake up, everyone you had previously talked to is a decayed corpse. Then one of your childhood friends gets eaten by a sea monster.
    • The Jackal's death. He is set on fire by one of the Pyramid's sound-activated booby traps (which you triggered) and is slowly burned alive, crawling across the floor towards Kara until his body stops moving. And it's all completely onscreen.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Arguably, Will and Kara.
    • Also Lance and Lilly, which actually diverts you from the plot a lot more (you wouldn't even GO to the Great Wall, one of the game's main levels, otherwise).
      • Except that you DO get a Mystic Statue out of it, so you probably had to go there eventually.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Halfway through the raft sequence, bam! Will and Kara have a budding romance going. It's baffling since thus far, Kara has mostly just been bossy, whiny, and good at picking up the Idiot Ball.
    • Also Lance and Lily, in the later half of the game. As mentioned above with the Romantic Plot Tumor, their romance is brought up and put into focus out of nowhere.
  • That One Boss: It could be the game's first boss, third boss, or Bonus Boss, depending on who you ask.
    • Castoth, the first boss: The first major combat challenge you face, with multiple parts to worry about.
    • Jack and Silvana, the third boss: Married vampires, who have very good coordination and require you to pay close attention to their movements to avoid their attacks. And have a combination attack that is hard to dodge if you're not prepared for it at can knock of roughly 1/3 of your life in one shot.
      • Not to mention the time limit of about 140 seconds to kill both before the bomb beside the tied-up Erik goes off.
      • Also annoying, since you have to backtrack through most of the dungeon you have just cleared, if you want to fight in your more powerful form.
    • Solid Arm, the Bonus Boss: Actually easier than its appearance in Soul Blazer, but not by much.