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YMMV: Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

  • Les Yay: Alice is, umm, very enthusiastic about meeting Yune.
  • Moe: Yune. Oscar wants to give her a job as poster girl for the shop to generate more business, especially now that general interest in Japan has heightened in the community.
    • Honestly, it's hard to get much more moe than Yune.
    • How about the ladies of Blanche family?
  • Occidental Otaku: Alice is practically one over a century before the term was coined.
  • Rooting for the Empire and/or Ship-to-Ship Combat: It's hard to justify Yune staying with the Claudels, considering 1) the dilapidated condition of Claude's workshop, and 2) that Alice is offering a better living place for Yune. Even the author caught on the tendency of fans to ship Yune with Alice, evident with the Ikoku Meiro no Alice-chan spin-off. This is despite the fact that the Blanche, owing to their unethical business practice, would have been extremely deplorable people in real life.
    • Yune choose of her own accord to stay with the Claudels. It may not make much sense materialistically, but given that they can feed and house her there really isn't anything that stretches the imagination as to why she stays with them — after all, she has grown to see them as a family of sorts. Not to mention Oscar brought Yune with him from Japan to work for him (Yune claims that at a certain age girls in her family go off to work in an internship-like position); Yune doesn't strike as the type who would abandon that sort of arrangement. It would be too rude.
  • Fridge Horror: The time period setting is late 19th century Paris, the series depicting calm scenes of Parisian life before the brutal storm of the First World War. Even if Late suggests 1860s or 1870s, something that's rather rough to think about is the future that all the children you see have to look forward too (as well as Yune and Claude's should they happen to get together). If they're old by the time 1914 swings around, they will most likely see their children die in the trenches. If they're young, they will be the ones doing the dying.

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