YMMV / If Footmen Tire You What Will Horses Do

  • Nightmare Fuel: A military officer punishes a little boy by shoving pencils up the boy's ears. And then the boy throws up.
    • Estus W. Pirkle's ramblings sound like words from an insane serial killer, and the thought that there were people who agreed with him...
  • Sampled Up: Much of its notoriety comes from Negativland's sampling in the song "Christianity is Stupid".
  • So Bad, It's Good: The whole movie, especially the Dirty Commies.
    • Especially the main "Commissar" guy. He's as unintentionally silly & ridiculous as he is icky.
  • Special Effects Failure: Most of the carnage is this, along with the bargain-basement acting. Amongst other cinematic attrocities, you have:
    • Some of the gunned-down people being played by mannequins.
    • Blood looks like cherry dessert-topping.
    • The boy's beheading involve a totally fakey knife from the toy section at K-Mart & is cheesily portrayed.
    • The "Soviet" flags & insignias look like they were made from scratch by five-year-olds.
    • The news anchor's newsroom is an ugly wood-paneled wall with a map on it.
    • The flashback scenes where Rev. Pirkle muses fondly about the McGuffey Readers are supposedly set in the turn of the 20th Century but everybody still dress like it's The '70s.