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YMMV: Identity Crisis
  • Asspull: Deathstroke's victory over a Justice League of America team can only be described as a complete and total Ass Pull. Sure, the team of heroes he fought didn't include Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman (two of whom would barely notice Deathstroke if he attacked them, and the third, Batman, would be ready for him if he did), but it did include the Flash and Green Lantern, neither of whom was portrayed as actually knowing how their own frigging powers worked during the fight. It was, in fact, embarrassing. For the writer.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Dr. Light used to be a serious threat capable of taking on the Justice League, but somewhere along the line became a comical punching bag of the Teen Titans. This mini explains why that change took place and restores him to his original characterization.
  • Broken Base: The Deathstroke vs. Justice League fight. For all that is holy, never bring it up in any Versus Discussion, less you want the thread to be completely derailed.
    • The book itself is a major Base Breaker.
      • Notably, the book occupies many extremes simultaneously. Jean Loring claims not to have wanted Sue's death, but brought along a flamethrower anyway, perhaps as a baby shower present. On the other hand, Dr. Light's return to form, the upgrade to Calculator, and the rarity of a Crisis Crossover focused more on a personal level than on an apocalypse, were all critically lauded elements.
  • Memetic Mutation: The series inspired a fad on the Something Awful forums of user avatars showing their Wild Mass Guesses about the identity of Sue Dibny's murderer. The response to the series played a role in the formation of the "Batman's Shameful Secret" forum for comic book discussion on the site.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Crossed when they used Zatanna to alter Dr. Light's personality - which led to them using Zatanna to wipe Batman's memory.
    • Not to mention Dr. Light and the whole, y'know, raping Sue Dibny thing.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Deathstroke, and HOW.
  • Shocking Swerve: Jean Loring being the murderer when pretty much all of the evidence beforehand suggested somebody else.
  • Villain Sue: Many felt Deathstroke was this during the series, in which he solos the Justice League, including displaying faster reflexes than Wally West.note 
  • The Woobie: Several, particularly Elongated Man and Robin.

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