• Adaptation Displacement: The novels by the manhwa. Justified by the lack of translation.
  • God-Mode Sue - Id by himself in his normal mode alone is stupidly godmode. But just for good measure, he has a sword with the power of a god, a state where he taps into his dragonheart for even more god mode, and, just in case that's not enough, he has an even further state where he fuses with Lamia (his sword) for god mode so hard he curb stomps God (that's right, with a capital G). Only loses once in the entire manga by a very thin margin and shortly emos over it. Also has absolutely superhuman physical endurance, speed, power, stamina, etc., can cast Ki Magic, has godlike summoning powers, etc.
  • Ho Yay - Id with pretty much any guy that thinks he's an attractive female. And then there's his relationship with Grey, who constantly tries to spend the night together, alone with him, and "teach him things." But honestly, nothing says it better than this page.
    • Hilariously, Id also provides a strange Les Yay with women who know he's a man. In one instance Ilrina got all flustered and shy when she saw Id who was accidentally dressed in a pretty dress(he was deep in thought while the dressing was done).