YMMV / Iconoclasts
aka: The Iconoclasts

  • Awesome Music: Much of the soundtrack is masterfully done. A few examples:
    • Machines, the boss battle theme for mechanical bosses.
    • Psychopomp, the boss theme for Mother's Corners. The overall foreboding rock sound, combined with the warning siren-like noise, perfectly sums up just who you're fighting: The only two people considered powerful enough to have had the honor of standing at Mother's side.
    • Jet Black, the music when you face Agent Black. You hear it, and you know shit's about to go down.
    • Moonlight, the music when you face Black for the last time is one hell of a Tear Jerker. By this point, she's been reduced to a mental wreck shadow of her former self, and it's less a fight and more akin to putting a sick, rabid dog down for good. For the same reason, it's also the music used when you had to abandon Royal in the decompressing space station.
  • Best Boss Ever: The game is absolutely filled to the brim with good boss fight after good boss fight, but by the end of the game every boss you encounter is excellent, combining unique mechanics with fantastic setpiece design. Standouts include the boss fights against Black, the Omega Controller, Inti (the machine that moves Isilugar at the end of Isilugar Labs), and more.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny:
    • The true final boss. As it turns out, the Starworm is just a machine created and piloted by... an alien bird trucker. No, we are not making this up. We promise.
    • Black was about to execute Robin for being a constant thorn in her side. The Silver Watchman rushed Robin down, busting through the walls, and unwittingly saved her from Black's firearm. Black's response?
    Black: I HATE YOU ALL!!!
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Most of the characters in Iconoclasts, save for Robin, Mina and the various ChemiCo Contra workers you encounter, are jerks, which makes it hard to actually care about their fates. The majority of the people you encounter are jerks or are very selfish and ungrateful. Robin's brother Elro is a Knight Templar Big Brother whose attitude towards her borders on stay-in-the-kitchen sexism (not to mention his decisions directly result in much of the game's plot), while Royal's legitimately tragic arc is undercut by his arrogant personality. Even Mina has an episode in which she undeservedly lashes out at Robin; and since she's mostly a Heroic Mime saddled with But Thou Must!, you can't really call anyone out.
  • Ending Fatigue: By the time City One is reached, the game begins to wind down. It drags on for quite a while, however, despite there being numerous points where the story could easily end, such as the fight against Mother and the fight against Mutated Black. The final boss could also be truncated to Midway instead of its own area, but that would make endgame item collection irritating as there's no fast travel points near One Concern East, meaning backtracking out of it would be tedious.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Teegan doesn't appear until the last third of the story, but she's popular with fans for being a fun, friendly member of the ChemiCo Contra and for calling out Elro for his shenanigans.
    • Mendeleev of the Reborns, for clear reasons.
  • Goddamned Boss: The Reborn Lawrence fight. You're in control of Elro who can only limp forward while dodging/parrying Lawrence's attacks, to deliver a stab dealing a minor damage, only for Lawrence to punch Elro across the screen. Rinse and repeat. No, it's not a difficult boss fight per se... but it's an absolute slog.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Dark Cave. A dimly lit cave with multiple animalistic abominations inside! Fun!
    • Agent Black's One-Winged Angel form. The seeds have effectively turned her into a giant ivory forest that's hell-bent on protecting the rocket. Then there's her screams...
    • The first phase of the Starworm traps Robin within her own mind. The dark backgrounds (especially the first one with two humanoid figures in the background) along with the ominous music enhance the feeling that this fight is very different from the ones that came before it.
  • Tear Jerker: Made even more poignant with Moonlight playing as the BGM.
    • Agent Black's last battle. She insisted on protecting the rocket to her last breath, so you're forced to kill her by shoving Isi seeds into her innards. Even as the seeds start to sprout, she refused to stand down, forcing herself to keep on fighting even as more of the seeds sprout and weigh her down. By the end of the fight, she could only shamble weakly before succumbing to the seeds. Even the following One-Winged Angel battle did little to mitigate the feel that this is less of a fight and more akin to putting down a very, very sick puppy.
    • The aftermath of meeting the Starworm. The Starworm delivered a Mind Rape in retaliation to Royal's attack, and broke the glass dome of Midway. You could only lift Royal as he went into a Heroic B.S.O.D., saying that it's all his fault, and how he should die... All the time, Robin pushed through the rapidly decompressing atmosphere with, and then comes the part that you have to leave him by the biometric scanner to keep the door open so you can escape. It's as heartwrenching as it sounds, and worse.
  • That One Level: The Tower. It starts off as a No-Gear Level (though Robin retrieves her wrench pretty quickly) and then turns into a vertical maze where the goal is to free Mina and Elro and then collect three keys to reach the top. Its annoyances include enemies that sap your wrench charge, having to crawl slowly through many air vents, needing to manage several elevators to get around, and getting periodically ambushed by the Silver Watchman. It's also a pain to collect everything in, since you need the Usurper Shot for two items and the map isn't very helpful (it displays the inner rooms as being accessible from both above and below, even if they aren't).

Alternative Title(s): The Iconoclasts