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YMMV: Icewind Dale
  • Alt-itis
  • Awesome Music: Holy. Freaking. Cow. Man! The Music!! THE MUSIC!!!
  • Demonic Spiders: You'll find many of these in both games:
    • Mummy: Unlike their Baldur's Gate counterparts, they can cast flamestrikes. You face them as early as chapter 1.
    • Salamanders: They have either cold or fire auras and always come in large groups. Their auras even damage you when they're non-hostile toward you!
    • Umber Hulks: Looking straight in their eyes will confuse you if you fail your saves. They're also backed up by Minotaurs.
    • Wailing Virgins: Inflict magic damage to all party members whenever they scream.
      • Not just regular magic damage either, but magic damage which bypasses magic resistance. A lot of it.
    • Harpies: Their songs charm your party, leaving you vulnerable to other monsters.
    • Crypt Things: Whenever they touch you, you'll teleport to a random part of the dungeon filled with other nasties.
    • Werejackals: Their gaze cause instant sleep to the victims.
    • Driders : They web you and call other Driders for help.
  • Evil Is Cool: In the sequel, Dreadmasters of Bane are the most popular choice for a cleric because of their many Badass Boasts, opportunities to motivate people out of fear with a Rousing Speech or two , and the fact that they can get a nice stat bonus from Bane himself if they play their cards right in a certain sidequest.
  • Cleavage Window: On female armor, in the character sprites. In the character sprites, leather armor will conform to a female warrior's bust, which not only risks deflecting weapons at the face but is well-designed to guide weapons towards the heart. Also, it may not be steel, but it's still put a wedge of hard material right against the sternum, which probably isn't any fun to take a blow on.(This is hardened boiled leather, mind you, not supple worked leather). Metal armor is even worse; in addition to boob cups the entire area above the cleavage is left exposed.
  • Narm: In the first installment, your characters will go into Idle Animation when waiting for the next round to attack. Sure, nothing like stretching and watching the scenery during a fight, it's not like we're in the middle of a crisis right?
  • One-Scene Wonder: Kresselack. He's only spoken to twice and is a relatively minor character forgotten early in the game. But he's voiced by Tony Jay, and his backstory and character are more well-developed and memorable than a lot of other major characters in either of the two games.
  • That One Attack: In the sequel, a cleric of Xvim and Madae cast blasphemy, a nasty spell that stun everyone instantly. It's cast extremely fast and there's no saving throw against it. The only way to counter it is to have an evil alignment or to raise your spell resistance very high.
  • That One Boss: The optional fight with the four Iron Golems in the Black Raven Monastery basement is extremely difficult if you aren't very well equipped. The Golems will ignore almost all damage done by anything less than a +3 weapon, of which there are very few by that point in the game (most of which are otherwise weak short swords). They ignore all magic damage, are healed by fire, are very difficult to hit in melee and hit like freight trains. Oh, and they'll constantly spam poison gas clouds which will insta-kill many summons and rapidly drain your PC's health.

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