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YMMV: Iced Earth
  • Anvilicious: The Something Wicked saga. All right, Schaffer, we get it. Humans Are Bastards. Did you have to spread it out over TWO albums? Evidently he did.
    • The Glorious Burden was basically Jon Schaffer's attempt at ramming American History down everybody's throats. For details, read some of his interviews around its time of release.
  • Awesome Music: Oh, so much. "Prophecy," "Birth of the Wicked," "The Coming Curse," "Wolf," "Dracula," "A Question of Heaven..."
    • "Travel in Stygian". "Travel in Stygian". "TRAVEL IN STYGIAN".
    • Hell, pretty much all their stuff is awesome.
    • Their cover of Johnny Cash's "Highwayman", featuring guest vocals from Volbeat's Michael Poulsen - on Cash's part of the song, no less.
  • Face of the Band: Jon Schaffer.
    • Schaffer is Iced Earth. As well as being the only member of the band from beginning to end, he also sang "Stormrider" in Night of the Stormrider, as well as "God of Thunder," a Kiss cover in Tribute to the Gods.
  • Funny Moment:
    • The secret song on Dystopia, with the band seemingly-drunkenly singing "I don't think these lads can take their ale," especially considering all the other songs on the album.
    • The outro in Plagues Of Babylon, which is just the band goofing around in the studio.
  • Greeks Love Iced Earth: Iced Earth has a particularly large fandom in and around Greece, to the point that two of their three live albums were recorded there (Alive in Athens and Live in Ancient Kourion).
  • Heartwarming Moment: Matt Barlow quit the band because he was inspired by the horrors of 9/11 to become a cop and make a positive difference in people's lives. D'awww...
    • Also, "Watching Over Me," dedicated to an old friend of Schaffer's who tragically died in a motorcycle accident.
  • Love It or Hate It: Schaffer's playing style. Either he's one of the greatest rhythm guitarists of all time, or a hack who plays the same few riffs over and over.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Tim Owens was this to some fans.
    • Mostly averted with Stu Block: most fans have embraced him as a worthy replacement to Matt Barlow.

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