• Awesome Moments: Following her scandal with Super Junior Eunhyuk (see Yoko Oh No), everyone mocked her for "trying too hard to stay relevant" and insisted that her career was over. Her next comeback "Modern Times" swept the charts and won her many music show awards.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Brief one when Juniel first debuted since her company decided to really go with the mediaplay of her being "the next IU" since both have similar voices and play guitar. Some IU fans were quick to dismiss Juniel for lacking the vocal technique IU has, while some Juniel fans looked down on IU for not being "a real artist" like Juniel who writes her own songs. Comparisons have died down since so both fandoms have moved on.
  • Funny Moments:
    • The grunt heard in "You and I"? That was IU. Yes. And it wasn't a Throw It In! either - the producer specifically wanted her to do it.
    • Her appearance on "Weekly Idol" when she did the "Random Dance Play" segment - and another artist's song (Sunmi's "24 Hours") came on. And yet she still attempted to dance it.
  • Internet Backlash: IU's "Chat-shire" album got into a huge controversy. In the Music Video for the title track, the lyrics mentions how she feels sometimes a child, sometimes an adult and emphasized this with the image of her sucking in a baby bottle. Since then, she has been accused of promoting pedophilia. To add more fire, the song "Zeze" became even more controversial because of the lyrics "climb up me" and soon she was accused of being a pedophile note . Finally, she was accused of being a Lolita and starting a trend in K-pop note . On a side note, someone researched the IP's of the people who comment against IU in Korea, it turned out to be only a dedicated minority.
  • Signature Song: "Good Day", due to the immense success and popularity boost it brought her.
  • Yoko Oh No: Both she and Super Junior member Eunhyuk got this treatment when a selca of the two (with IU in her pyjamas and Eunhyuk topless) at her home was "accidentally" posted to her twitter. Despite deleting it immediately, it spread quickly and brought her very angry ELFs on her back, while her own fans either hated on Eunhyuk or left her out of disgust. Her company's, uh, "visiting the sick" statement aside, details of this incident remain unknown. The last of this apparent couple came up in May of 2013 when there was a rumor of marriage, which both denied. The couple has been buried since then and the public has gotten over it, though cringeworthy hate from some ELFs still pop up occasionally.