• Accidental Innuendo - She keeps saying "wank". It does not mean what she thinks it means.
    • As well as "companion boob".
    • As well as everything involving the Scout's "ballsack" in Teen Fortress 2 (weren't it for The Half-World, one would assume she meant a sack containing baseballs).
      • Skepkitty, who runs The Half-World, hadn't yet read the next chapter which makes this more clear (he MSTs stories as he reads them). He chose to go with the crazier interpretation partly because it seemed somewhat plausible after what Rattman did with the personality cores in It's My Life, and partly due to Rule of Funny.
    • As well as "CHAPTER SEX". Rule 34 can apply even to chapter titles.
    • In THE KILL OF SNAPE, Steven Universe is referred to as "Steven Galaxy". In reality, "Stephen Galaxy" is used for NSFW content pertaining to SU.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment - In "THE MARISSA GAMES" there are several, such as Katniss having pants-destroying diarrhea at the reaping, and Thomas the Tank Engine showing up out of nowhere to kill Marrissa at the behest of ATLAS and P-Body.
    • The strangest of all comes from "J an Ks Wubulos Adventure" where J and K fight a Super Mutant in Portal High School's bathroom. Why the mutant was there, what it was doing, or even how it got into the bathroom in the first place, is never addressed.
  • Crack Ship - THE MARRISSA GAMES has Prim/Peeta all over itself, but there are also pairings like Gaz/Demoman, Ginny Weasley/Solder and Medic/his mom.
    • Cue laughs when it is revealed that Ginny Weasley is Medic's mom.
  • Mary Sue - So let me get this straight, not only is this character somehow Chell's sister, but she also has New Powers as the Plot Demands, is the daughter of Caroline and Cave/"Gabe" Jonson (despite somehow having a different last name) and had Wheatley's "robot ball/human" child she called Chell after the original was killed once and for all. Somehow. Even though Assirram (Marrissa's evil clone) made an "abortion". And even after Marrissa died and was resurrected in process.
    • Instead of being chosen or volunteering in the Reaping, Marrissa is personally called to the Games by President Snow himself.
    • Common Mary Sue Traits
    • Copycat Sue - Originally takes Chell's place as the main savior of Aperture from GLaDOS, then takes Katniss's place as Prim's "Soul Sista" and the main participant of the Hunger Games.
      Skepkitty: So first Marissa was Chell 2.0, and now she’s Katniss 2.0. Good god, will the Sue-ness never cease?
    • Parody Sue - Maybe?
    • Possession Sue - While Scout isn't as Sueish as Marrissa, he still has several Ass Pull powers (usually explained as belonging to dogs) and hooks up with Pyro almost instantaneously.
    • Sympathetic Sue - The only reason why Altas and P-Boy would beat Marissa up.
    • Villain Sue - Assirram. For one, she forged a zombie robot army simply by opening a portal to Android Hell, and also her trails are too tough for Marrissa to trace.
      • GLaDOS always seems to avenge death, even after committing suicide, and somehow manages to masquerade as President Snow himself.
  • Robo Ship - Marrissa and Wheatley.
  • Thirteen Is Unlucky - Depending on how you look at it, Chapter 13 of ITS MY LIFE!. Factually, Marrissa is resurrected and Assirram is created. The Half-World takes Marrissa's resurrection as a sign of the most Mary Sue-ness an OC can get, and Assirram becomes the main antagonist of ITS MY LIFE!.
    • Also, if it weren't for the Oracle Turret, in Chapter 13 Wheatley would have committed suicide.
    • Most of chapter 13 of HARRY POTTER AN THE KILL OF SNAPE was about Taylor Swift and her alliance with the evil forces, seeing as 13 is her lucky number.
  • Villain Decay - Instead of being the snarky and dangerous AI we know, GLaDOS is a "goth emo" who listens to Avril Lavigne music and tries to commit "sewiside".

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