• Fandom Berserk Button: Which movie should be #1 in the Top 250?
  • G.I.F.T.: Like the Troll, you'll be bound to find a few.
  • Praising Shows You Don't Watch: When a highly anticipated movie is about to come out, several people would rate the film with a 10 before its official release, whether or not the movie ends up being good or bad.
  • Internet Backdraft: If a movie is soaring at the box office and/or winning heaps of critical accolades, head over to its IMDB page to see what's being said about it. Odds are great that the most recent threads will be all about how awful it is.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: Majority of the "One Star Reviews" of many popular movies heavily featured in the top 250 will consist of people crying about how highly regarded the movie in question is. Especially The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather.
  • Vocal Minority: If one judged the popularity of a movie solely by its IMDB rating and/or comments section, they would believe that most well-regarded movies and TV series are widely despised.