* CrossesTheLineTwice: One of the film's greatest strengths.
* MagnificentBastard: Steven is a rare protagonist version. Admit it, this is how you felt about him when you found out that he [[spoiler:faked his own death from AIDS]].
* MemeticBystander: Cleavon the mopping prisoner, who has a few minutes screentime but some of the most memorable lines:
-->'''Guard''': I said lights out. Turn it off.\\
'''Cleavon''': Fuck you, pig.\\
'''Guard''': Turn it off or we're coming in.\\
'''Cleavon''': Well come on in -- [[BadassBoast I got a dick that needs sucking.]]
* SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome: [[spoiler: ''You fucker''!]]
* TearJerker: The last 15 minutes are like a rollercoaster for your emotions.
** A particular mention goes to when [[spoiler:Phillip and Steven are talking while Steven is dying of AIDS, since over that time the audience has seen Steven slowly die... but he's fine.]]
* TheWoobie: Poor Phillip gets pulled into so much trouble and heartache because of Steven, especially when [[spoiler: he believes Steven died of AIDS, and then Steven comes back to him literally seconds later.]]
** From his introduction in the film, Phillip is the epitome of this trope.