YMMV / I Love You, Beth Cooper

  • Moment of Awesome: Both Beth and Rich get one.
    • Beth's comes with her Big Damn Heroes moment, as told on the main page.
    • Rich's comes when he has a towel fight with three hulking baddies - and wins.
  • The Scrappy: Denis is someone that you really want to punch at several points in the movie. The film tries to say that Beth doesn't deserve him, but in reality it's him that doesn't deserve her.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Denis is intended to be a loveable loser who has an overly idealistic but ultimately harmless crush on Beth. The problem is that the film fails to paint the picture it wants. Him using the graduation speech as an opportunity to confess his love to Beth comes off as cringeworthy, and not in the way the filmmakers intended. Then things go From Bad to Worse, as he vents his frustrations at his "enemies", and even goes so far as to flat-out accuse Rich (his best friend) of being a closet gay. Combine this with the fact that there are quite a few details making him seem more like a perverted stalker than a Dogged Nice Guy, and it's hard to understand why anybody would want to sympathize with him.