YMMV / I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle

  • Fridge Logic: Why didn't Neil use his last wish to wish for Jean's freedom? It probably wouldn't have changed her/him back to a man, but at least Jean would be free and not deal with Guano. Even if it didn't work he'd still have made the effort.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Some of Jean's Jerk Ass behavior comes as a result of all the crap that has happened to him and the fact that he understandably doesn't want to be a slave.
    • Some of Jeanie's Jerk Ass behavior also comes from his fear that Neal will use him in exactly the same way he would have used Neal had their situations been reversed, as revealed in an Imagine Spot prior to Neal's last wish.
    • Araceli is quite awful to Jeanie... but she was trapped for centuries in a bottle lying on bottom of the ocean, all alone. Its not surprising she would jump at opportunity to not go back and stay with man she fell in love with, collateral damage (Jeanie) be damned. After she has found new and kind master, and is of no danger of going back, she is considerably less willing to cross the line, even if she didn't gave up on belonging to Neal. If only because she has plenty of time now and Neal would not approve.
  • Les Yay: Jean is still attracted to Belle and is still into women.
    • ... But is becoming increasingly attracted to Neal, to the point of trying to have sex with him for ridiculous reasons. Whether its all men or just Neal, is debatable.
  • What an Idiot!: Jean is ordered to fulfill Neal's third wish. He asks for a Sandwich. Lampshaded, by Jean, but she doesn't press him further out of fear that Neal would wish for the same thing Jean would have wished for had their positions been reversed.