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YMMV: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
  • Badass Decay: Due to slacking off over the past few years since mk2 ended, Neptune and Nepgear have reverted back to Levels 1 and 10, respectively. Nepgear lampshades this.
  • Base Breaker: While received much better in the West than she is in Japan, Plutia has become this due to her actions (especially as Iris Heart). You either find her amusing or annoying, mostly due to how every other character either feared her, adored her, or both at the same time. It doesn't help that she pretty much almost raped every character in the game. And that's not even mentioning what she would've done to Noire had Yellow Heart not arrived.
    • Neptune is starting to get this reaction due to her taking a level in jerkassery towards Nepgear and Noire.
    • And then there's V Noire. Either you think that she's still the Ensemble Darkhorse of the series or that her Tsundere traits got taken Up to Eleven all the way to being a whiny bitch especially at /vg/. 90% of the argument, they will always bring up the part where she treated Blanc poorly at Lowee and also back stabbing her best friend Plutia by telling her to transform into Iris Heart, knowing that she could scare away Planeptune followers.
    • Some character choices can count as this. Was it a good decision to completely sideline all human characters and reduce them to nothing but DLC, entirely sideline the candidates until the final level in the game, and focus entirely on the Goddesses, or should the game have done what Mk2 did and focused on the humans, candidates, and Goddesses in equal measure?
  • Cargo Ship: Only Cargo Foe Yay shipping exists between Neptune and eggplants.
  • Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch: Many people have been saying Nobuo Uematsu is wasting his time and talent working on a niche title. Without the game being out yet.
  • Dude, Not Funny!!: The Planeptune CPUs.
    • Some believe that Neptune Took a Level in Jerkass. The treatment she gives to her sister (calling her lazy and unreliable despite those two words being VERY fitting for herself) and to Noire (insulting her hard work) is very different from how we've known her in the previous games. Really, this is what happens when you integrate an official popularity poll in real life to the story.
      • Neptune's treatment of Nepgear largely matches up to how much Nepgear has screwed her over. At the start of the game she's done little more than take over for her sister on a game to play with her own friends and tries to pass off most of the work onto Nepgear, who was actually made Planeptune's offical CPU in her absence at the end of mk2 and as such should be the one doing most of the work. Her more spiteful behavior doesn't really come up until Nepgear screws her out of, as far as they know, the only chance to go home to solve the problems there and then stabs her in the back for trying to make it so she can actually safely stay with her rather than be continually left behind as a babysitter.
      • Another interpretation is an instance of Mood Whiplash - Neptune's being unfair and howling abuse, yes, but that's because she's (somewhat shockingly) realistically upset in an otherwise fairly cartoony setting.
    • Plutia's act of being a sadist is amusing to some, but others really find it annoying how much she manages to get what she wants by scaring the crap out of everyone with Iris Heart, and in her normal form, some don't like how much her mistakes are ignored simply by pulling a cute face or getting angry (ie being called lazy when it really is true)
    • Nepgear's treatment as a Butt Monkey comes off as mean-spirited. Base Breaker she may have been, but that doesn't excuse all her insulting titles and the questionable treatment her sister gives her. Taken to whole new levels in the so-called "Good" Ending, wherein her sister practically abandons her in the past Gamindustri for Plutia and is too lazy to care anymore. Wow, maybe Vert really would be a better sister for her.
      • Fortunately, that ending is a non-canon ending. Not to mention, the real reason why either of them were even in Alternate Gamindustri in the first place was her holding the Idiot Ball repeatedly; Pushing what was officially her work onto Neptune, ignoring her job to keep Planeptune safe because she felt like moping over Neptune being gone for a couple of days, and refusing to listen to Histoire about staying away from the portal.
      • However, even Histoire was pushing work onto Neptune, insisting she take up her responsibilities, meaning Nepgear is really doing nothing wrong, as Histoire, the Oracle, has apparently decided Planeptune is to be run by Neptune as well, officially still making Neptune just as spiteful and a jerk as she seems to be.
    • The second boss battle with Copy Paste. After the guy helped fix Lowee not by being tricked mind you. Bland goes off and attacks him. Her own workers actually became friends with the guy and called her out on how shitty she was. Neptune and Nepgear even state how they were being the Villians in that situation and honestly could have avoided fighting.
  • Ear Worm: "Gamindustri's Comic Relief" was remixed in Victory where it's even more catchier.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Arfoire's outfit in this game is a touch more Stripperific than her original outfit.
  • Freud Was Right: Croire forcing Rei to swallow the entire black, evil mass can count as this, especially considering the term "black mass" and Croire telling Rei to open her mouth wider so she can force it in easier.
    • Practically anything Iris Heart says. PERIOD.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Plutia mistaking a CPU Memory for candy? Amusing. Blanc, Peashy, and Rei all making similar mistakes? One tragedy after the next. The world sucking outside of Lowee until Planeptune and Lastation came along? Interesting take on how things played out in real life. That's not the only thing taken from real life.
  • Game Breaker: The Hero Drink series of items restores a small percentage of a character's health, and a massive amount of MP. They are ludicrously cheap for such a useful effect, allowing you to just stock up a ton of them and plow through dungeons by spamming your strongest skills. They do have to be manufactured first, but they're one of the easiest recipes to obtain and produce.
    • Making money in this game is pretty easy as soon as you get to chapter 4. One monster plus one costume, make them in the factory, and suddenly you have a one million profit.
    • Possibly justified as you will need a lot of credits to buy out everything from the store and especially the scouts.
    • There's also the godly disc that allows you to charge your EXE gauge faster than normal.
    • Once you get Vert and Nepgear in chapter 4, you can start creating the CPU Rings which give out a lot of stat increases. While you're at it, you can also obtain Vert's Infinity–1 Sword, Dreadnaught, rather easily as well in the same chapter. Just give her a few levels till you let her learn Air Slicer, give her the godly disc above and she'll fill up that EXE gauge in no time. Given that this chapter also introduces to players (who want to get all the quests done) Gargoyle, you will need it.
  • Iron Woobie: Blanc. She never wanted to be a CPU, but when it happened she went out of her way to make Lowee and make it a, and implied to be the only, decent place to live in Gamindustri for the longest time until Planeptune and later Lastation came along. And these other countries start to indirectly make hers fall apart. Mr.Badd, who she had trusted as an advisor, more or less set her up for public humiliation and stripped her of her powers. Given the chance to just be a normal girl again, she instead chooses to give that up and takes up Iris Heart's offer to regain her power to protect the country she made. After The Reveal for Rei, this gets even worse. Had she not taken up Iris Heart's offer, despite being powerless she would never have become a normal girl again. She would've simply become a long forgotten powerless immortal who's nation would've eventually become treated as nothing more than a myth, just like Rei.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Neptunia in the 80s? Cool. Wait. All of the Goddesses we know are still there?!
  • Les Yay: One of the new trailers takes this Up to Eleven, and I mean just...''listen''.
  • Memetic Badass: Gargoyle. He will give you one hell of a beating if you skimp out on equipment. Some players even say he's pretty hard even on Level 80 or 'with the overpowered DLC equipment''. Players who've fought him shudder when his name is announced.
  • Memetic Mutation: Someone, somewhere out there will post about the IF President mocking the player if they don't complete the quests required for the chapter to say "Are you not -trying- to enjoy the game?"
  • Moral Event Horizon: Mr. Badd set up shop way over the line, rivalling Linda's actions from the Conquest Ending in the last game. The disgusting little monsters he uses to fight, and refers to as his "daughters"? These are children who were given CPU Memories and failed to transform, becoming Tragic Monsters that Mr. Badd considers his children and uses to fight with, and even uses them as extortion against the Goddesses in a very decent Batman Gambit. The man is utterly despicable and this can make quite a few players livid.
    • And yet he pales in comparison to what Anonydeath did to Peashy. Brainwashed and Crazy for ten years while becoming the newest CPU of Gamindustri all while forgetting Neptune and Plutia.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Inverted. To some, Nepgear is a hell of alot more likeable than Neptune, due to her calmer personality and much better story arc, however, this is obviously not the case with other fans. Nepgear herself sums it up:
    Nepgear: B-but in the previous game, I managed to pull it off as the main character just fine! Even though the playes and reviewers alike said I was boring and wished there was more Neptune...
    • This is more than likely a case of Never Live It Down; the entire fandom hasn't exactly forgotten Nepgear committing genocide on the Goddesses so she could gain the power to fight Arfoire, even though she didn't want to do it to begin with, and it was Neptune who put the final nail in the coffin by jumping on Nepgear's sword. Even the fans of the anime were pissed because she got HDD before the other candidates, more than likely because of this.
    • Or the fact her role in the second game could be said to be a black hole sue main character. She's suited far more for a supporting role than a main one. Even fans that consider her as such think her treatment in V to be heavy handed.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Though the Seven Sages are generally pretty ruthless in their bid to oust the CPUs and they are pretty bad villains, considering how Neptune and Plutia generally act, they aren't ENTIRELY unjustified. Considering how Plutia is insanely scary and a sadist to everyone and blanc uncontrollable temper you have to think on some level that some of these girls have no right to be a CPU. In Neptune's case it's been stated that Nepgear would be better at her job.
  • Surprise Difficulty: After Mk2, which was easy enough to beat in about a week, the Sequel Difficulty Spike this game underwent was very surprising, and the amount of grinding will make one rip their hair out.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel / Even Better Sequel: Well let's start a list. The goddesses and the candidates are playable... The battle system has been tweaked... The Symbol Attack auto-kills can be turned off if you actually need to fight weaker enemies... Character interactions are better and funnier... The soundtrack is better...and the summons are wackier... Yep, has all the numbers for this!
  • That One Achievement: Maxing out the Lily system for all of the girls. Unlike mk2 where you only needed to max out Nepgear's Lily Rank (because she's in the Unwanted Harem), in this game, you have to max the lily points of every single character paired with another character. It's not that hard but yes, it's as tedious as it sounds. Made more annoying by the fact that you can't get Uni, Rom, and Ram till you get at least at the Good Ending path which is at chapter 9.
  • That One Attack: Light of Domination from the True Final Boss. What's that, you have an all level 99 party you say? Haha, no.
  • That One Boss: During the story, Arfoire in chapter 5 usually pops up thanks to her being really massive. In the Quests (though they're optional really), people would be ballistic if they heard the Risky Foe "Gargoyle". To the point that some fans have exaggerated that he's the Shin Megami Tensei equivalent of Matador, series resident Wake-Up Call Boss. Yes, he reminds us that buffs are really important in this game and that skimping out on equipment is not a good idea.
  • The Woobie: Once you find out what Rei's real past is, you would really feel sorry for all the crap that she's done after accidentally killing her entire nation.
  • They Just Didn't Care: The English version's IF and Compa DLC has IF just copy all of Peashy's sounds while Compa is completely silent. Comparing that to the previous games' DLC characters being at the very least voiced in battle, this is quite noticeable. They did include the Japanese voices for the characters though.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Pretty much every character that was Put on a Bus or sidelined in Victory can feel this way. The Candidates, who were hyped up and advertised as the main focus of the last game are entirely sidelined and do not appear until the final chapter of the storyline, with only Gear getting any focus prior to this, and she's mainly there just to be made fun of. The humans from previous games, despite being your allies throughout nearly the entirety of the last two games, do not appear in this game as playable characters, and those that do are relegated to DLC only, while they introduced new humans, who are also just DLC. Compa and Iffy, Neptune's best friends for God's sake, are just DLC and, while they appear in-story, don't contribute much in either universe. Gust, Nisa/Nippon Ichi, and 5pb., despite appearing in both of the last two games, don't appear at all in this game. It just feels like they didn't care.

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