YMMV / Hybrid Heaven

  • That One Boss: Hybrid Heaven has quite a number of boss fights, and it's likely that every single one is That One Boss to someone in the world. Here are some reasons why:
    • Some of the bosses don't follow the same rules of movement during combat as you. Usually, when you select a move and the enemy is out of range, you simply make the attack and strike nothing but air, missing and making yourself look like an idiot. In the case of these enemies, they can select the attack, move closer to you, and then start the attack proper. Many of the bosses have unique abilities, such as using a force push-style attack to knock you off your feet, using breath weapons on you, or turning invisible. Nearly every human boss you fight in the game carries a gun. While fighting said boss, moving too far away from them will prompt them to pull out their gun and start blasting away at you, meaning you have to spend virtually the entire fight staying no more than a few feet away from them and well within range of their melee attacks.