YMMV: Huntress

  • Foe Yay: With Catman.
  • Internet Backdraft: The fact that DC brought back Helena Wayne, only to relegate Helena Bertinelli to an alias in the DCnU. This was made worse by the fact that, at some point, Bertinelli was a separate person in the DCnU, and Wayne started using her identity after she died. Fans haven't reacted well to a send-off of one of the more popular characters DC had in the last twenty years by way of burning a passport, as Wayne says Bertinelli "served her purpose."
    • Although said fans were kind of thrown a bone. Helena Bertinelli is apparently returning in the upcoming Grayson series spinning out of Forever Evil.
  • Les Yay: It's pretty obvious that the new Question, Renee Montoya, really has a thing for Huntress, but it seems to be entirely one-sided, since Huntress doesn't even know that Renee is gay.
    • Her New 52 friendship with Power Girl has quite a bit of this as well, which was true of their pre-Crisis friendship as well. Bear in mind that the one who is friends with Power Girl is Helena Wayne; the one who was the object of Renee Montoya's desire was Helena Bertinelli.
    • In Convergence: Question issue number one, Huntress and Question are living together, and Huntress says "Honey, I'm home" to her. One of them, however, had clearly been sleeping on the couch, and it was still not clear that Huntress knew that Question was gay.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Crosses either at the end of Cry for Blood or earlier, during Year One. When she kills Santo Cassamento, her own father, Question calls her damned for it. She insists that that happened a long time before. When Year One came out, she kills Stephen Mandragora, her first murder, declaring that doing so is worth damnation (see You Are Worth Hell on the main page).
  • Never Live It Down: Take a shot every time she's about to kill someone, only to be talked out of it by someone else. Congratulations, you now have alcohol poisoning!
  • The Scrappy: Helena Wayne, the original Bronze Age Huntress, daughter of Batman and Catwoman, seems to be this for some fans, whether because they find her to be a bland, generic Ms. Fanservice or a Fan Fiction character brought to life or just find her dull when compared to Helena Bertinelli, the second and undeniably more popular version of the character. That Helena Wayne replaced Helena Bertinelli in the New 52 made her something of a Replacement Scrappy as well.