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YMMV: Hunter: The Reckoning
Tabletop Game:
  • Fridge Horror: Imbued can get into fights with supernatural horrors in public places. Places crammed with Muggles with fully operational Weirdness Censors. What do they see? Someone going on a killing spree.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: From some fans of WW's earlier takes on hunters. Every game in the line had a "Mortals" supplement at some point, dealing with ordinary human hunters working with the backing of the church, the government, or their own ancient conspiracies, and some of those splatbooks were actually pretty good.

Video Game:
  • Fridge Horror: For Werewolf fans. There's an early mission in Redeemer where the hunters, at Kaylie's urging, decide to cooperate with the local werewolf population, but this only happens after you've plowed through a couple of dozen of them. Given the typical low population of Gaian Garou, it's possible at this point that the one werewolf you're now talking to is the last one left in the tri-state area. Way to help the Wyrm out, guys.

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