YMMV / Hulu

  • Americans Hate Tingle: While most outside the U.S. just groan at the lack of availability for Hulu, Hulu strikes a certain Berserk Button amongst Canadians. This is due to most U.S. television channels carried on cable or satellite providers in Canada advertising the wonderful benefits of Hulu. However, the biggest factor is how many anime distributors in the U.S. (Viz Media being the worst offender) often put their fresh-from-Japan shows only onto Hulu, without any regard for Canadian fans. (Not helped since there is a serious lack of anime for older audiences these days in Canada). The Headscratcher page is a good indication of how Canadians feel about Hulu.
  • Archive Binge: It's easy to do this with your favorite shows, just as on the other streaming services, as Hulu by default will play the next episode in a series automatically.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: A number of people avoid signing up for Hulu Plus because it has still has commercials despite charging a monthly fee.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Hulu is now offering a more expensive version of Hulu Plus where you can watch all of the Hulu Plus content, without any ads!
  • Broken Base:
    • The Hulu Plus usage is this for some people. While still good for being able to see episodes you can't see as a normal user, it becomes a problem due to the payments.
    • Hulu taking over South Park Studios, especially when originally all episodes (except "200" and "201" and episodes that recently came out) were allowed for viewing.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • The site has an extensive anime collection, as well as simulcasting currently airing anime from Japan. If you're an Occidental Otaku, Hulu is your best bet for anime not on Crunchyroll.
    • Hulu Plus subscribers could get access to films from The Criterion Collection, until Criterion launched its own service, FilmStruck, in 2016.
  • Internet Backdraft: Whenever a series mysteriously disappears from Netflix and winds up on Hulu shortly after, you can expect people complaining about it to follow even quicker. Especially since Hulu forces ads on the watchers even if you sub for Hulu Plus.
    • Hulu taking over South Park Studios as their video engine and then proceeding to make you subscribe to Hulu Plus when the episodes were free to the public before (at least not the new episode, that would be free later on).
  • Just Here for Godzilla: People watch Hulu primarily for the shows that aren't on Netflix.
  • The Scrappy: The commercials, which still play even if you sign up for Hulu Plus. You can disable them using ad-blocking software in your browser, but not if you're using a set-top box.
    • Even with AdBlocker, Hulu punishes you by not playing your show unless you disable AdBlocker, even if you filter Hulu to not get blocked.