YMMV / How I Became Yours: Rise of the Agni Army

  • Evil Is Cool: Agni Army's outfits are, while very obviously evil, so very cool.
    • Of course they are! They were obviously designed by Sho, the really cool hold-over from the last comic.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Sho. And this is when we've only seen him on the poster so far.
  • Fridge Logic: So if Zuko and Katara are both dead, then who's ruling the Fire Nation?
    • Azula, maybe?
      • Or maybe Sho and Mai took the country by force with this mysterious Agni Army?
      • That looks likely now. Maybe it's not Fridge Logic just yet.
    • If Lilith and Kuzon are bully meat for their parentage, why isn't Miracle? Sokka/Azula is just as much a mixed marriage as Zuko/Katara, and it's probably no secret that this Azula and the former Fire Nation Princess are one and the same except for the hair and personality transplant.
      • Three words: Azula is terrifying. Scaring those brats away from her niece and nephew is the first uninterrupted badass moment she has in this series; the kids have probably learned from bitter experience that teasing Miracle is a BIG no-no. They suffer from Aesop Amnesia in that they think Kuzon and Lilith are free game, though...
    • Didn't Mai get bloodbent to death?! HOW can she be alive?
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In How I Became Yours, Toph, after learning that Sokka accidentally revealed the first Kuzon's existence to Zuko, says "Katara is going to kill you... I can only imagine what Mai will do to Zuko...". Mai apparently ends up killing Zuko here.
  • Incest Subtext: Let's see...the seemingly-adult Lilith and Kuzon both sleep in the same room, in separate beds that are not five feet away from each other, and their first dialogue together...well.
    • This troper wonders if Kuzon and Miracle are meant to be Kissing Cousins, just to continue the same Steam Babies pattern the first comic started.
  • Meaningless Meaningful Words: The supposed "review" on the cover is just a bunch of melodramatic words that don't make a lick of sense when put together. Plus, "heroes" is misspelled.
  • Rooting for the Empire: We might as well acknowledge right now that Mai and Sho are probably going to get a lot more support from discerning audiences than the main characters will.
  • Strawman Has a Point: The Agni Army is represented as a wholly evil revolution out to slaughter the current ruling family of the Fire Nation, just For the Evulz. However, Fire Lady Katara grew up an enemy in a war that ended just a decade ago, and she's proven herself capable of murdering a person horrifically just by making the right gestures at them. She's also got friends in high places in about every country in the world, and they have not made her stand trial for committing what is an acknowledged war crime in canon. What would stop her from doing any number of unspeakable things to her subjects? Sho has everything he needs to start La Résistance, right there - and it would be perfectly justified for the Fire Nation populace to follow him.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: "Improved" meaning "less eye-gougingly annoying," in this case. The typical Soap Opera cliches are still there, the pacing still needs work, and the art is still traced and copy-pasted. But, since this comic mainly concerns the OC Spin-Offspring, and not their parent characters, it's considered to be just a tad bit more readable than its predecessor.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: The old healer woman at the Water Tribe and the angry old man in Bong Sing Se are cut-and-paste clones of each other, much like most of the background characters. This resulted in at least one reader assuming that they were both men.