YMMV / House of Five Leaves

  • Fridge Brilliance: Sometimes it's hard to follow the slow plot, mixed in occasionally with dis-jointed flashbacks and with some episode that seem to have absolutely no meaning. Then all of sudden, the pieces of the plot fall into place, and it hits you.
  • Ho Yay: Yaichi & Masanosuke; in the beginning of the story you never know if Yaichi is going to kill Masa... or kiss him. The ending and opening are also very much love songs, and considering that they don't have other love interests and that their relationship is the driving force of the plot... well. Masanosuke is also constantly trying to find more about Yaichis past, and he's the only one to really gets Yaichi to drop his Stepford Smiler facade at points, which dropped completly in the last episode of the anime in a very sweet moment between these two. See You Are Not Alone for more.
    • The way Matsu warmed up to Masanosuke after being saved by him and showed his gratitude was also very sweet. Another example where we get a glimpse of someones emotions hidden under a mask. Masanosuke really seems to have a talent to get under people's skins.
  • Uncanny Valley: Just look at those faces. Yes, they follow the manga.