YMMV / Horrors of Spider Island

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Fans of the MST3K episode seem to be rather fond of Babs. This is helped by the fact that she comes across as a fairly tough, no-nonsense, Deadpan Snarker. Despite having a few Jerk Ass moments, she is one of the only women in the movie that has a distinct personality and is portrayed as relatively competent. Not hurting this at all is the fact that she is a huge source of Fanservice throughout the movie.
  • Les Yay: Two dancers insist they never dance in separate groups. Babs sneers she's had enough men. Of course, they all find the professor's assistants irresistable, so it could be a case of Girl-on-Girl Is Hot titillation.
  • Special Effects Failure:
    • The plane crash is shown with stock footage, with the girls screaming in front of a black background. Because that's how airplanes were in the 1960s, I guess.
    • When the plane takes off from New York, it's a twin-engine Convair CV-240. When it reaches cruising altitude, it's a four-engine Douglas DC-6. When it's diving into the ocean, on fire, it's stock footage of a stricken B-17 bomber from World War II.
    • In a decidedly more mundane case, the stripper gets slapped at some point. While they play the sound effects, it's not only incredibly obvious that no contact was made, but the stripper doesn't even physically react to being hit.