YMMV / Horror of Dracula

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Van Helsing taking a moment to comfort Tania. Peter Cushing, a big softy in real life, might well have enjoyed dropping Van Helsing's all-business demeanor for this:
    Van Helsing: (handing his coat to Tania) Put this on.
    Tania: (sniffling) I want to go home.
    Van Helsing: And so you shall. I'll just go and fetch Mr. Holmwood and then we can all go home together.
    Tania: Not Aunt Lucy?
    Van Helsing: No, not Aunt Lucy. Now, you sit there and be a good girl. (wraps Tania in the coat) There. You look like a teddy bear now. Will you wear this pretty thing?
    (Van Helsing places crucifix around Tania's neck)
    Van Helsing: There, isn't that lovely? Now, you promise not to run away?
    Tania: (smiling now) I promise.
    Van Helsing: (also smiling) Good. If you watch over there, you'll see the sun come up. Keep warm.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Christopher Lee was a handsome actor, but this is arguably the most monstrous interpretation of the character to date, with some later sequels reducing him to a non-speaking, near feral (but good looking) beast.
  • Ho Yay: Van Helsing and Arthur.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Dracula, who else?
  • Narm: Lucy's ridiculous scream and expression when faced with Van Helsing's crucifix.