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YMMV: Honey and Clover
  • Base Breaker:
    • Mayama is the least popular of the main characters for a variety of reasons...let's just say he isn't that great with women.
      • He is very controlling of Ayumi's romantic life, essentially treating her like a child. He does not love her but will not let anyone else love her either. Especially when Nomiya steps into the picture.
      • For stalking Rika and being very creepy obsessive with her. When she is fantasising about her deceased husband, he takes advantage of her broken mental state and immobility to fulfil his sexual desires.
    • Hagu is liked for her moe attributes but also hated for them. Some people note that numerous guys being attracted to her youthful appearance borders on pedophilic, her tendency to act like an Adult Child doesn't help.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Lampshaded by Mayama's coworkers at Fujiwara Design after yelling for Takemoto to stop licking him as Leader wakes him up. Nomiya even says that 'a lot of those types end up in this business'. It doesn't help that Takemoto's spending nights sleeping in Mayama's room due to the lack of an air conditioner making those hot summer nights less restful.
    • Takemoto and Morita throughout the series.

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