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YMMV: Home and Away
  • Arc Fatigue: The 2005 storyline "Paternitygate", as dubbed on the Backtothebay messageboard, a love triangle between Hayley Lawson, Scott Hunter and Kim Hyde, fueled by a faked paternity test result which several people found out about but were prevented from revealing it for one reason or another, thus dragging the drama out for over nine months.
  • Break the Cutie April Scott starts off as a likeable snarky environmentalist who, is order, is forcibly taken away by her mother, nearly gasses herself and her boyfriend trying to impress her father, is then disowned by her father, is bullied and treated like a freak, breaks up with her boyfriend as a form of self-punishment, her sister forgets her birthday, she suffers a horrific panic attack...and then her OCD storyline starts.
    • Then, days after having moved in to a new house with her (new) boyfriend, he is involved in a car accident that leaves him comatose.
  • Die for Our Ship: Sam Holden by Jack/Martha shippers, though mostly a result of Derailing Love Interests, as she was sympathetic and well-liked during her first stint in 2006.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Geoff Campbell and Aden Jeffries. One episode was basically nothing but them sarcastically flirting with each other, and now they argue like an old married couple..
    • Also, Xavier Austin and Romeo Smith. In one episode Romeo is helping Xavier practise breaking up with his girlfriend, only for John Palmer, Xavier's mother's boyfriend, to walk in on them and seemingly mistake it for a genuine lover's tiff. In another, Xavier asks Miles and Alf for romantic advice - specifically, starting a relationship with your best friend. Miles asks if it's Romeo.
  • Irish People Love Home And Away
  • Memetic Mutation: Alf Stewart's Rape Dungeon.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The show has not handled homosexuality too well over the years.
    • Sarah Lewis and Zoe McCallister were both psycho lesbians, and when the latter makes her reappearance, it's revealed that she has an accomplice working in the police force tracking her down. This is Peter Baker's partner Tracy, who is implied to be Zoe's lover.
      • It's debateable whether Sarah was actually a lesbian, since she had a boyfriend and probably only told Zoe/Eve she loved her so she'd help her escape. (Zoe/Eve had a boyfriend too so she's possibly bi.)
    • There was a character called Charlie a few years back; a young man who developed an obsessive unreciprocated crush on Kim Hyde. He kidnapped Kim's girlfriend and deliberately made his own grandmother ill- inadvertently killing her- in order to spend more time with him.
    • A different Charlie was also briefly involved in a lesbian relationship with a girl named Joey. This one is so far the best example of the lot, with two sympathetic characters and a reasonable amount of drama involved. The only drawback in this case was its brevity: Charlie was outed, couldn't deal with it and slept with Hugo in order to assert her attraction to men. Joey was shipped out, never to return, and Charlie spent the rest of her life in heterosexual relationships.
  • Wangst (Martha Mackenzie)
  • The Woobie: Pretty much everyone at one point or another. Current contenders include Casey (killed his criminal father to save someone else, missed his court case due to being kidnapped by his unknown half brother, almost died at said brother's hands, returned in time to be arrested for missing court) and Dex (Car accident left him with brain injuries, almost smothered by well meaning but overbearing doctor father and various combinations of siblings and sibling's significant others, slowly regaining his health only to develop post traumatic epilepsy, and then broke up with the girl he's seriously in love with to keep from holding her back with his health issues)

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