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YMMV: Hoarders

  • Documentary Of Lies: Some people suspect this show is partly staged. A couple of people on the crew have revealed that while the hoarders and their stories are real, some of the houses are made to look worse than they really were. One suggested watching for the same items turning up in home after home. Some of the family situations seem escalated to create additional drama. Some professional organizers criticize the show's tactics, especially the rushed, forced cleanouts that leave people feeling that even their cherished possessions are deemed worthless: "We know of several cases in which hoarders have committed suicide following a forced cleanout."
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Matt Paxton.
  • Memetic Mutation: The possum from the Carolyn/Jo episode.
  • Narm: The melodramatic reactions the hoarders have to the prospect of parting with things, as well as the family arguments that result from their hoarding.note 
  • Nightmare Fuel: One old lady had cat skeletons in her house.
    • That happens with a sad frequency in many of the animal hoarders' homes.
  • Paranoia Fuel: At least I'm not that messy, I thought as I eased my way through the corridor of boxes between the kitchen and the living room. I will definitely get this Christmas stuff put away by Cinco de Mayo!
    • Try watching this show and then looking at any type of collection you might happen to have. Just try.
      • These people are labeled as Type 5 hoarders; on a recent episode of The View a representative from the show claimed we might all be Type 1.
  • Squick: With a show like this, it's a given. These people's houses are positively littered with trash like milk cartons and old newspapers, and that's not counting bedbugs, moldy food that's beyond rotten, and pet feces. Need we say more? invoked
    • The cleanup crew often finds large amounts of the hoarders' own urine/feces around the house if the plumbing is broken or the water has been shut off. Shanna took it up to about 11,000 and ended up doing so much damage to her house that the costs of repair and of demolition/rebuilding were almost the same.
    • Rotting animal corpses are sometimes found at the bottom of hoards.
    • One episode featured a woman who ran a ramshackle poultry farm cooking and eating unrefrigerated excrement-covered eggs. Even worse, she makes her living selling said eggs, which makes you wonder how many of her customers have contracted salmonella.
  • Tear Jerker: Laura, a wife and mom fighting cancer whose aim was to get her house cleaned up and her hoarding under control before she died. She didn't live to see the episode air, but she was at peace having achieved her goal.
  • What Could Have Been: Rumor has it that the Chandler family, of Sonichu infamy were approached to film an episode, but declined out of pride.
    • That said, close examination of the emails exchanged between the troll and the "A&E producer" indicates that it was very likely fake, and the Chandlers were never approached, nor was A&E truly contacted about them.
  • The Woobie: A number of family members and spouses who just can't seem to fight back against the hoarding on their own. Some of the hoarders are woobies themselves. The biggest woobies are probably the children of hoarders though with #1 being a middle child who basically left a suicide note to her mother. The child's age: 7.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Hoarders that had some really traumatic childhoods can also have the nastiest reactions to the cleaning process.
    • Glen, whose escaped fancy rats had completely overrun his home, was unable to bring himself to capture any of the escapees once they'd started breeding. At one point he breaks down and, weeping, reveals that he's terrified that the female rats' litters, hidden in the walls or flooring, will starve to death if their mothers can't get back to them. Later, a rat that's had its belly ripped open in a fight is found, and poor Glen has to give the nod to its euthanasia.

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