YMMV / History

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: There are current three alternate versions of the main characters of this comic, though they may have some striking similarities, the characters of History, The Forumverse and Universe 2, are all different interpretations of the same original character.
  • Arc Fatigue: Chapters one through 3, were excessively long, and were even extended mid production due to mistakes in scripting. Chapter three also included a one year hiatus, and when the comic came back, the end of the chapter was rewritten to be shorter, less story driven and more flashy in it's effects. This tactic managed to draw some of the readers back. Because of this from now on, the chapters will comply to a set convention.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: A number of Crowning Moments of Awesome have been put forward, with majority going to Stephanos.
    • Stephanos
      • First Step of One Thousand Miles: Stephanos's fight against the archangel. Link
      • Tip of a Quill: Stephanos, though unable to fly is fighting a Quetzel Serpent in mid-air, all the while beating Qeeko at Chess. Link
      • "ARGH! QUEEN TO F7!"
      • "Quite frankly, this Troper thinks that Stephanos is awesome in general." -Anon
    • Zhan
      • A Deviant Cause: Zhan has become a fast fan favourite, and people have been quoting his cry from pages 25 and 26.
      • "And everyone knows, all houses need... WALLS!!!"
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Jacob rapidly grew as a fan favorite when the first chapter of History was released, and continued to grow in popularity, mostly among the female audience, even though he has yet to make a second appearance. The male audience also have their Darkhorse in the forum of Zia, Jacobs Mother, who is clearly a Stacy's Mom.
  • Mary Sue: Some crittics suggest that the characters of Andy Frogman and Queen Qeeko are Mary Sues, because they are Author Avatar, who are of high importance. "However my argument is that who want's to read a story about the average joe who owns a pig farm and does nothing for the entirety of his life? People was to read about characters who are overcoming adversity, people who are important to the plot, that the story can't do without, and maybe in their quest to find self, en up saving more than just themselves. Seriously name me a single main character who is not important to his own comic or story and the world they come from?" - Andy.