YMMV / High School Debut

  • Funny Moment: The flashback to the below with the antagonistic girls complaining about how they got hurt trying to beat her up.
  • Ho Yay: At one point, Yoh's sister Asami starts to doubt her attractiveness, so she tries making eyes with Haruna to see if she still can seduce someone. She can, and Yoh stops Asami right before she tempts Haruna into kissing her. Later, Haruna gets so despondent over another guy kissing her that she considers running off to become a nun. In order to shock Haruna and show her it's no big deal, Yoh also kisses the guy. It also shocks all of their friends. To cap it off, the guy in question afterwards marvels about the kiss. "so soft..."
    • In the 15th volume, a guy Yoh is talking to at a karaoke bar spontaneously bursts out "Komiyama, I like you!," says Yoh is cute, and feels like he's found "real love"—each time hastily assuring Yoh that he doesn't mean anything by it as Yoh slowly starts to back away.
  • Moment of Awesome: Several of the upperclassmen call Haruna out on the time she's spent with Yoh after they start going out. Four of them bring her onto the roof, and start pushing her. Haruna's response? Roll up her sleeves, and let the girls know that she's more than ready to get physical "if that's what it takes." Yoh finds out and runs into her on her way back, Haruna's face scratched up. When he chews her out for not asking for his help, her response? "I won." And a smile.