YMMV / Hi and Lois

  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit!: Hi used the neologism "staycation" in one 2009 strip.
    • In a strip made several years ago, Dot and Ditto see a commercial for a new video game console. In the next room over, Hi and Lois talk about how they finally found the "video game" that the kids wanted (actually a game console that's supposed to be one model generation older than the one on the commercial). The kids then run into the room saying how the new console they saw on TV is so much cooler than "last year's model". Apparently the writer is completely unaware of the fact that a company will release a new-gen console every five to six years (even if completely new consoles could be produced yearly, there'd be little time for developers to make games for them), and that no sane gamer would criticize a console solely for being an older model.