YMMV: Heroic Age

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Are the Golden Tribe Jerkass Gods who abandoned those who relied on them to 'move on', or did they simply put out their telepathic call before they realized they couldn't predict the results of each other's actions? If the only certain solution to having driven one race into becoming slaves of any stronger telepath, given a second a crushing inferiority complex, and led a third to turn themselves into insane anthropomorphic (mechapomorphic?) principles was to ensure that no one who could change that future was still in the original universe, it could be a reasonable response.
  • HSQ: Just from the clip at the top of the Main page. Holy shit they just turned Jupiter into a star!
  • Mary Sue: The princess manages to hijack more than half the plot. Somehow she gets all the praise and admiration of almost every single character. There isn't a single episode where she isn't. She's often compared to a bright star in the void of space, of a shining beacon in the darkness or something equally cheesy, not to mention after setting up Age as the protagonist, having over half of the entire series focus on her leading humanity to a greater destiny, was quite anticlimactic. She also has little to no trouble convincing the Silver Tribe to suddenly give up their quest to eliminate humanity just by talking to them.
    • Age is also something of of Canon Sue as his Heroic Tribe counterpart is supposedly so strong that he could defeat the other four Nodos all at once. Iolaous, who spent a good portion of time before the series started obsessing over Dhianeila, suddenly stops and steps aside with nary a complaint when it becomes obvious that Age has a thing for Dhianeila. Age also has little trouble convincing people sworn to destroy him to team up instead.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Cerbius? Might be disturbing to kids. Cerbius in Berserk Mode? This trope.
  • The Scrappy: Meleagros and Atalantes. Incompentents, Smug Snakes, always taking advantage of their sister. They are so much of a pair of scrappies that even Death herself doesn't want them.
  • Ugly Cute: Fuuto, Age's squid friend.
  • The Woobie: Mehitak, since he doesn't like to fight.