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YMMV / Heretic

  • Demonic Spiders: The closest to such in the first game are the ethereal undead warriors, who always throw red axes that deal quite a bit of damage (7-56 damage without armor). Because they're ethereal, only magical weapons could damage them.
    • Disciples of D'sparil are also competing for this position thanks to their ability to fly and fire a spread of three fire balls that cause 3-24 damage each. If a Disciple gets the drop on you by hovering next to you by surprise, you can lose up to 72 of your unarmored Hit Points. They can also move unexpectedly if damaged, and suddenly be right in your face about deliver a lot of ouch.
  • Game Breaker:
    • The Ring of Invulnerability provides 30 seconds of immunity like Doom's version, but can be stored to later use. This can be used to devastating effect with a tome of power, against episode bosses.
      • The Maulotaur (there are 3 on expert difficulties at the end of Episode 2: Hell's Maw) is usually quite tough, at 3000 Hit Points (Players can have up to 400 HP with armor) but activate an invulnerability ring with a tome, and attack with your Phoenix Rod. Each full burst of the flamethrower eats through the Maulotaur's Hit Points with ease as long as you keep your aim steady. One of each item, save Wings of Wrath, transfer between levels, so you can pick up another Ring and Tome on e2m8 to continue roasting the 'taurs.
      • Iron Liches are turned to rubble in little time with only 700 HP each (Use the Crossbow if you're playing Episode 1). D'Sparil is not going to fall for this because of his Teleport Spam, but you can still technically One-Hit Kill his Chaos Serpent to skip phase one, then keep the flamethrower trained on him to take off a nice chunk of his health.
  • Guide Dang It:
    • E4M9: Mausoleum: The secret level of episode four is a grandiose underground tomb with a cryptic progression. There is a subtle hint at the southern ends of the mausoleum on how to progress that you can gloss over, but you'll likely wonder why none of the doors work for several minutes. Fortunately, once you've figured out opening the first room, you can open up your "automap" to see what new sector lines have been drawn upon the display after patrolling the corridors for a minute or two. ZDoom engines even redraw the map for you while in map mode, so you can look for new lines being drawn with the map open.
  • Goddamned Bats: The gargoyles.
    • Heretic II introduces the harpies which are even worse, since they like to hang back very high in the sky, dodge just about everything you can throw at them. Unless you use the homing meteor swarm on them.
  • Goddamned Boss: D'sparil's second phase, and not just because his lightning blasts deal a crapton of damage on direct hit, either. He can also summon additional disciples, but on top of that, he starts teleporting more often the lower his health gets. Fighting him on Black Plague can make him That One Boss due to the constant teleporting when he's nearly dead, in addition to the swarms of Disciples.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Some of the old FAQs name the protagonist Heretic, since he didn't have a proper name at that time. Funnily enough, just adding "the" in front of it would have made it appropriate...
  • Most Annoying Sound: The gargoyles' laughter. Get ready to hear it constantly.
  • That One Attack:
    • All the Iron Lich's attacks hit like a freight train, but are fairly easy to dodge...except for the tornado, which chases down the player, lifts them up and flings them around (and can easy hurl the player into a damaging floor if there are any around,) can easily last a very, very long time, and in certain scenarios can absolutely ravage the player's health. The only saving grace is that they get fairly easily hung up on the architecture.
    • If you like to play on Black Plague, you'll quickly learn the danger's of the Maulotaurs' "line of fire" attack. On the hardest skill setting, if you try and take the high ground or low ground to kite the walking bull, they will start smashing their hammer on the ground and sending a line of flames towards you. If you touch the fire without invulnerability, you usually die or lose a large % of your health and armor. Don't be fooled and think the ends of the "line fire" are safer, you'll usually die or lose a lot of health touching it like eating a Cyberdemon rocket in Doom.
  • That One Level:
    • The Ice Grotto (E2M4) starts of with an aggravating icy lake that make your movement controls much less responsive. On Black Plague difficulty, this can be deadly, with the numerous Weredragons roaming the lake and having little trouble walking on the ice. The first time playing, it will be a fight against slow controls as you try and locate the yellow key with monsters spamming fireballs all around you.
    • Catafalque (E4M1) follows in the tradition of the first level of Thy Flesh Consumed from Ultimate Doom by being a Drought Level of Doom that also tosses in a boss-level enemy (in this case a Maulotaur) into fray and forces you to fight in tight spaces. Except that Heretic's level is even more stingy with it's pickups, and also throws in four Iron Liches as an extra "Fuck you." Better learn how to kill things with the staff and gauntlets.
    • Ocher Cliffs (E5M1) is a real bruiser too, with a starting area swarming with monsters that can turn you dead in seconds and a maze section with some startling traps to keep you insecure. Top it off with a Maulotaur and three Iron Liches protecting the exit room and you have one inferno of a level.
    • Hydratyr (E5M5) can be annoying due to the abundance of ghost enemies, negating the effectiveness of some of your weapons. Nitrogolem ghosts are crowding the center tower as well as other ledges next to the citadel walls. Undead warrior ghosts show up fairly often. A painful level, especially if you want to start with no gear for added challenge.