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YMMV: Herding Cats
  • Author's Saving Throw / Re Cut: When Chapter 31 was first posted, some readers objected to the moment where Feferi forces a French kiss on Karkat just to piss off her kismesis and his moirail, Kanaya. childishGambino rewrote that moment so that several trolls instantly give Feferi a What the Hell, Hero? for doing that, and she then apologizes.
  • Mary Sue / Canon Sue: Arguably, Nepeta's character in this fic. Although the trolls that Took a Level in Jerkass are called out for it, Nepeta is never called out for being the one who caused the ships that lead to them doing this.
    • Most notably, Nepeta's shipping of Tavros with Vriska as moirails made his character do a complete 180 from a genuine Nice Guy to a complete Jerk Ass. No one considers that it could be anyone's fault but Tavros or Vriska's.
    • Also, although Nepeta does suffer a Heroic BSOD from this, Karkat's depresssion over Terezi also counts. He's clearly upset, but Nepeta is urged to go on shipping regardless.
  • Unfortunate Implications: There's more than a few instances where someone does something horrible and either isn't called out for it, or is given only a light flick on the nose and then the topic moves on. Examples include:
    • Sollux mocking Karkat for daring to be upset and worried after Sollux tried to commit suicide.
    • Feferi recording Eridan and Nepeta having sex without Nepeta's permission, Vriska asking for the tape, and Sollux stealing the tape, watching it, narrating it on a public forum and saving it for potential blackmail purposes.
    • A number of people, notably Tavros, encouraged Sollux to pursue Vriska as a kismesis, ignoring the fact that Sollux continually said that he didn't want her as his kismesis and that he felt that it would be rewarding her for everything she'd done in the past- and apparently continually haranguing him to start a blackrom relationship with her despite his aversion to the idea was fine because he did have black feelings for her.
    • Terezi constantly insulting and mocking Karkat for daring to be angry that she and Eridan became matespirits, her mocking his feelings, and her constant attitude of 'this is his fault, I didn't do anything wrong'.

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