YMMV: Herding Cats

  • Author's Saving Throw / Re Cut: When Chapter 31 was first posted, some readers objected to the moment where Feferi forces a French kiss on Karkat just to piss off her kismesis and his moirail, Kanaya. childishGambino rewrote that moment so that several trolls instantly give Feferi a What the Hell, Hero? for doing that, and she then apologizes.
  • Mary Sue / Canon Sue: Arguably, Nepeta's character in this fic. Although the trolls that Took a Level in Jerkass are called out for it, Nepeta is never called out for being the one who caused the ships that lead to them doing this.
    • Most notably, Nepeta's shipping of Tavros with Vriska as moirails made his character do a complete 180 from a genuine Nice Guy to a complete Jerk Ass. No one considers that it could be anyone's fault but Tavros or Vriska's.
    • Also, although Nepeta does suffer a Heroic BSOD from this, Karkat's depresssion over Terezi also counts. He's clearly upset, but Nepeta is urged to go on shipping regardless.