YMMV / Hellbound: Hellraiser II

  • Complete Monster:
    • After she’s revived, Julia Cotton, Kirsty’s Wicked Stepmother, gleefully drains people at a mental hospital of their life while relishing in their pain and suffering to restore herself. She feeds her rescuer Dr. Channard to her master to turn him into a Cenobite and tries to kill her stepdaughter and an innocent, mentally handicapped girl as well. When she encounters Frank again, she shows no hesitation in brutally murdering him, showing she's cast off any human attachment.
    • Dr. Phillip Channard, after reviving Julia, happily feeds her his patients. His obsession with the Lament Configuration is so deep that he tries to have patients solve it, so he can observe the Cenobites taking them to eternal torture. After becoming a Cenboite, he becomes Drunk on the Dark Side and sadistically slaughters any living thing he sees, even other Cenobites when they remember their humanity and take a stand against him.
  • Fridge Horror: When Cenobites die, they revert back to their human, pre-Cenobite form. When the Chatterer dies, he turns into a teenage boy. What kind of twisted desires could a boy so young possibly have to become that?
  • Nightmare Retardant: The Channard Cenobite, as his presentation has more common with the oneliner-spouting boogeymen of the eighties ("The doctor is in", "I recommend amputation!" etc.) than the dark twisted S/M demons that are the Cenobites. Not to mention his phallic head.