!!The webcomic:

* CrossesTheLineTwice - regularly.

!!The movie:
* CompleteMonster: Prosatanos is the emissary of {{Satan}} who strives to bring about HellOnEarth. During UsefulNotes/TheCrusades period in the Holy Land, he kidnaps UsefulNotes/RichardTheLionHeart’s [[WouldHurtAChild infant son]] and tries to [[HumanSacrifice sacrifice the prince]] for his royal blood. The King responds by [[SealedEvilInACan sealing Prosatanos in a tomb]] and [[DismantledMacGuffin dismantling his scepter]]. After being awakened centuries later, Prosatanos sets about recovering the pieces of his scepter, killing their protectors in the process. Notably, he murders a Rabbi by ripping his heart out of his chest, an old Italian priest by throwing him out of a moving train, and a blind Israeli monk by [[YourHeadASplode crushing the helpless man's skull]]. He also has no problem with killing any bystanders who get in the way, or [[BadBoss his allies]] as soon as [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness they become a liability]]. In the climax he kidnaps his research assistant Leslie, who is revealed to be descended from nobility, to sacrifice her in his new ritual and bathe the world in fire.