YMMV / Harry's Law

  • Anvilicious: Too many examples to count; let's just say the show is a continuous display of good black folks being abused by mean white folks.
    • For example, a speech in court about how drugs should be legalized to save people from drug violence, but the Republicans have been hijacked by Rush Limbaugh. The prosecutor is an arrogant conservative white man. The judge is a calm black man. The client, a decent black college guy who bought drugs for the first time. (He is acquitted.) And so it goes.
    • The show hardly has a single malicious character and the antagonists are pretty much just trying to do their jobs. The show's main theme is (both good and bad) minority folks getting abused by a system that wasn't built with them in mind. But yeah, you can definitely make a case that it is anvilicious about it.
    • Then there is the fact many of the crimes they defend they try to justify the "feels good" aspect to get them off. Such as acquitting a elderly woman who stole solely because with her age she could die in jail essentially stating the law doesn't apply to the elderly, or winning a case of someone getting fat because of fast food rather than focus on her own responsibility that she chose to eat there so much.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In "Wheels of Justice", there's a joke near the beginning where Jenna states that she is carrying several self defense items, such as a knife and a taser. Later on, she reveals that she had been raped as a child.
  • Strawman Has a Point: In one episode, the main characters defend a 16 year-old "street doctor" who is treating people without a license or formal training. The prosecutor wants to him to stop, but Harry and Co. plead that he is saving lives. Problem is, his practice is a huge case of Artistic License - Medicine. He is shown pulling bullets from a man who has just been shot instead of applying pressure to stop the bleeding, and in another scene he is shown yanking a knife out of a patient's leg, which is a good way to sever an artery and kill someone.