YMMV: Harley Quinn

  • Author's Saving Throw: A Saving Throw based on something that happened before the series even started. Prior to the New 52 series beginning, DC announced an art contest based around drawing a page for the #0 issue that ended with a panel described in the script as a naked Harley about to commit an Electrified Bathtub Bath Suicide. This sparked Internet Backdraft over an apparent misogynistic eroticisation of a woman's suicide, made worse by the fact that the script didn't include any of the dialogue, or indicate that it was meant to be contextualised as a fantasy sequence. When the issue was published, the final panel of the page showed a fully-clothed (well, as much as she ever is in the New 52) Harley Riding the Bomb instead
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Harley's odd dream when she's knocked out in Skate Club.
    • There have been a few times when Harley and Ivy had gone on major Acid Trips from some drug or another.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Happy to murder henchmen at the drop of a hat and always drawn in a painted-on harlequin jester's outfit that frequently got 'upgraded' to a latex version, and later got replaced with a skimpy corset and microshorts.
  • Les Yay:
    • A lot, especially in the New52 where hardly a scene goes by with Harley and Ivy that doesn't hammer home that the two are Friends with Benefits. There is even a scene where Harley kisses Ivy on the mouth.
    • The New52 road trip special has been accused by many fans as implying that Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman spent the entirety of it having sex with each other.