YMMV: Harley Quinn

  • Author's Saving Throw: A Saving Throw based on something that happened before the series even started. Prior to the New 52 series beginning, DC announced an art contest based around drawing a page for the #0 issue that ended with a panel described in the script as a naked Harley about to commit an Electrified Bathtub Bath Suicide. This sparked Internet Backdraft over an apparent misogynistic eroticisation of a woman's suicide, made worse by the fact that the script didn't include any of the dialogue, or indicate that it was meant to be contextualised as a fantasy sequence. When the issue was published, the final panel of the page showed a fully-clothed (well, as much as she ever is in the New 52) Harley Riding the Bomb instead.
  • Broken Base: Harley's costume choice in recent years, primarily due to how Stripperific it is. On the one hand, a large group of people consider it rather sexist and exploitative, as well as not really fitting her character and being an unneeded change due to her costume already being rather sexy as it is, and so resent how her old costume is now going unused. On the other hand, the new stripperific look has became something of a Memetic Outfit for her, so obviously a lot of people feel different.
  • Evil Is Sexy: She has quite the fandom online.
  • Periphery Demographic: Bizarrely, in the BDSM community, not only is she well-liked, her popularity VASTLY overshadows the Joker's. Not so bizarre when you remember that she's shown some kink tendencies of her own in the past, and her relationships with Joker, Deadshot, and Ivy do give way for a lot of Sub/Dom implications.
    • Her popularity outshining the Joker is also not so bizarre when you look at the fact that the people who grew up on the Animate Series have realized in their older age how classically abusive the Joker is, and the Kink Community's struggle to not be seen as abusive by outsiders.
  • Tear Jerker: Has a page.