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YMMV: Hard Target
  • Complete Monster: Emil Fouchon is a libertarian madman who runs a hunting ring that aims to break what he describes as the government's monopoly on murder. Using a man named Randal Po to recruit homeless veterans, Fouchon and his Dragon, Pik Van Cleaf, offer them thousands of dollars if they can survive being hunted by Fouchon's clients—an offer Fouchon has no intention of fullfilling. During the film's opening scenes, Fouchon, Van Cleaf and their client (with help from a team of bikers and huntsmen) run down and murder Douglas Binder. When Douglas' daughter, Natasha, comes looking for him, in alliance with veteran Chance Boudreaux, Fouchon has Randal beaten and mutilated for selecting a man with a family, then chooses Chance's friend Elijah Roper as the target of the next hunt. When the client proves unwilling to finish Elijah, Fouchon kills the client, then has Van Cleaf gun down Elijah in the street. Deciding to move to the next town, Fouchon has Van Cleaf kill Randal, and the coroner they were paying to fake causes of death. When Chance and Natasha get involved, Fouchon decides that they have to die as well, and brings in a number of clients who owe him favours. When Chance uses a rattlesnake to poison one of these men, Fouchon stomps him to death while ranting about how he should "die quieter." When Chance's uncle sets another of his men on fire, Fouchon kills the man himself. As the film approaches its climax, Fouchon, with all of his men dead, stabs Chance's uncle with an arrow, takes Natasha hostage, and finally tries to beat Chance to death with a burning two-by-four.
  • Funny Moments: Emil's very last lines.
    (The grenade's fuse is successfully screwed out, rendering it useless)
    Fouchon: (Begins chuckling)
    (The fuse zaps a tiny spark right into the explosive)
    Fouchon: Woohp.
    (Massive explosion)
  • It Gets Better: The film starts out So Okay, It's Average, but after the middle part it suddenly turns into a spectacular showcase of gunfire, explosions and roundhouse kicks.
  • What an Idiot:
    • Under pressure, most people would probably throw away a grenade instead of trying to unscrew it and remove the fuse.
    • Though he has just received a money belt filled with $10,000, the prey in one hunt doesn't consider paying one of the many bystanders for help.
    • In the victim in the beginning of the movie might have made it, had he taken the easier route of falling into the water and swimming.

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