YMMV: Hansel and Gretel

The original story:

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Humperdinck's opera.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • In the stop-motion Hansel and Gretel: An Opera Fantasy, the siblings hear an ominous chorus ("Children, children, are you not afraid?"), then they see something moving through the trees, then they see glimmering eyes on a tree (really a birch tree), a willow stump grinning at them, a will'-o-the-wisp (Gretel hoped it was a real lantern and real people who can help them), and then Gretel sees ghosts ("shadowy women") coming towards them.
    • In the Cannon Movie Tales version, as Hansel and Gretel got lost deep into the woods, they hear mock laughters and then an eerie shriek. They hear their names whisper in the dark and a witch's cackle as they sit near a camp fire.
    • In the Humperdinck's opera, when the kids were calling out, voices answer back.
    Hansel: WHO'S THEREEEEE??
    Echo: You there! There!

    Gretel: Is someone there?
    Echo: Where? Here!

The Korean film:

  • Complete Monster:
    • The caretaker of the "House of Happy Children" orphanage is seen in an extensive flashback to be the reason why the three children in the woods, Man-bok, Young-hee and Jung-soon, became so mistrustful of adults and believed them to be evil. The caretaker kept the children in horrible conditions, and was incredibly abusive. He locked away Man-bokís friend in a dark room to starve along with another boy for spilling food; planned to rape the 7-year-old Jung-soon, and only didnít because Young-Hee convinced him to rape her instead; beat a boy to death in a sack and caused another boy to starve to death. When the children were caught trying to escape, the caretaker tried to burn Man-bok with flaming piece of wood before getting pushed into the fire himself.
    • Deacon Byun Ji-wan was a pedophilic Serial Killer and religious cult leader before getting lost in the woods along with his wife and finding himself at the childrens' house. Upon his wifeís death, he just chuckles and remarks about how interesting the house is. Heís seen looking through a book filled with photos of his past victims, all of whom were children that he killed and is implied to have raped. After revealing his true nature, he takes Jung-soon hostage at knifepoint before slashing Man-bokís back in an attempt to kill him. When that doesnít work, he just tries to kill all three of the kidsnote , believing them to be "Satanís children."
  • Tastes Like Diabetes - The house is made to be like this. It is, after all, conceived from the children's minds.