YMMV / Hamish X

  • Ensemble Dark Horse - Viggo Schmatz, the 'cheese master' who uses orphan labourers to do his bidding in the first book, before being, unfortunately, Put on a Bus. Made doubly unfortunate by the fact that his character was developed a lot while he was there.
  • Narm - A few scenes that are assumedly serious become narmish due to lack of punctuation. Since when does a yell of excruciating pain not warrant an exclamation point? Fortunately, this is one of the only errors of this type for the duration of the entire series.
  • Nightmare Fuel -
    • Everything the ODA does. It's not so bad for the reader, though.
    • The illustration of Teddy was pretty effed-up.
  • Uncanny Valley - The ODA.