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YMMV: Halloween Horror Nights
  • Awesome Ego: While some have gotten irritated at Jack the Clown's constant reappearances, as the first original Orlando icon, he remains consistently popular. And he knows it.
  • Awesome Music: Halloween Horror Nights events have music playing from various horror movies, artists like Nine Inch Nails, Halloween event favorite Midnight Syndicate... See the playlists from previous Orlando events here.
    • Alice Cooper had houses at the Orlando and Hollywood events. This is practically a given.
    • Who else gets a house at the Hollywood event? Black Sabbath!
  • Broken Base: The news that all of the scarezones at the 2013 event in Orlando would be based on The Walking Dead in some form has caused this. Some are excited about the idea of a full-on Zombie Apocalypse brought to life across a park, while others feel that the event is either sacrificing its creativity to make a quick buck and cash in on a popular show or AMC prioritizing Season 4 TWD promotion over Orlando's typical attention to cohesive theming.
    • Not even Hollywood and its focus on licensed properties is excused from people who are either excited to see more Walking Dead or think of it as more product placement that threatens to overshadow the event. For example, the Terror Tram usually operates under the pretense that characters from the properties that the Terror Tram is themed after have took over the Backlot that's usually home to the Studio Tour. The Tram announcer and a convenient video help explain to guests what went down before they're unceremoniously dumped onto the Backlot to face the impending terror for themselves. For 2012's Terror Tram: Invaded By The Walking Dead? Merely promos for the show, both when you're entering and exiting the attraction.
    • Lack of Icons for 2012 and 2013: Putting more emphasis on the event as a whole instead of one single character or a horrible mistake that gives the Orlando event nothing unique to differentiate itself from the licensed property focused Hollywood event?
    • The use of intellectual properties like films and TV shows to make houses and scarezones is probably the largest Base Breaker in the entire event: some want a good house no matter what it's based on or want to see their favorite horror films get made into haunted houses, while others want to see Art & Design stretch their creative muscles and turn out brilliant original houses.
  • Crazy Awesome: Any of the icons and characters who are legitimately insane and popular, like The Director, Jack, and the Shadybrook inmates.
  • Creepy Awesome: The Icons elicit this reaction when they're not eliciting screams.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Bill and Ted is practically made of this trope.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Every single Bill and Ted show is guaranteed to have at least one moment that will offend you. Unfortunately, this got a little too extreme in Hollywood's 2013 show, which featured a rather tasteless homosexual joke. The resulting backlash got the show shut down for the rest of the year, and it is possible that it may never return to Hollywood's event.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Eddie Schmidt and Cindy Caine, fullstop.
    • The Usher and The Storyteller get this treatment. Julian gets it for having the requisite detailed character backstory but getting completely shafted in the advertising for his event while The Storyteller gets it for having nearly no backstory whatsoever yet having a prominent role in the advertising for her event and making reappearances at anniversary events since then.
    • H.R. Bloodengutz, the lead character in HHN 21's "H.R. Bloodengutz Presents: Holidays of Horror" has a small but dedicated following that really, really wouldn't mind seeing him as an Icon in the near future.
    • Chance, Jack's harlequin girlfriend.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Numerous characters, though Chance and Lady Luck come to mind in particular.
    • The Director also has his fair share of fangirls.
    • Some fans even find Bloody Mary to be very attractive, though just in a more macabre-fashion.
  • Growing the Beard: In Orlando, the 2002 event (which got covered in a Travel Channel documentary, "The Art of the Scare") and in Hollywood in 2006.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: During the "Sweet 16" event of 2006, Jack the Clown took over Shady Brook and had the inmates run wild. In 2009, another clown did something quite similar.
  • More Popular Spin-off: Horror Nights originally started off in Hollywood but ended up canned for several years after a scareactor got ran over during Terror Tram. It wasn't until Orlando tried to pull off its own Halloween event with "Fright Nights" that it eventually took on the Halloween Horror Nights name and ran with it. Universal Studios Hollywood would eventually reintroduce Halloween Horror Nights, with their version being more movie-centric, but it's the event in Orlando that most people are familiar with.
    • Hollywood even canceled their event for a number of years after the 90s, and only brought it back in 2006 after Orlando's event got even more massive.
  • Narm:
    • Many feel the commercial for 2011 (Lady Luck's year) falls victim to this, due to the over-the-top acting and poor editing in it.
    • Lady Luck herself didn't fare much better in the actual event, as people generally agree that the monster mask she wore in her scarezone was hilariously bad.
    • One of 2013's taglines: "So this is what fear tastes like!"
  • Nausea Fuel: With the amount of gore throughout the event, you will find it everywhere.
  • Praising Shows You Don't Watch: There are a good amount of people that follow and are impressed by the event that haven't actually gone to it, mainly due to not living near either park it takes place in and/or not having the cash. Those who do actually manage to go tend to have their opinions validated, however.
  • Shallow Parody: The annual Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure shows can sometimes veer into this, occasionally settling for referencing the year's events and pop culture trends instead of making fun of them. The fact that they often have moments where they don't do this makes the parts that follow this trope stand out even more.
  • Stuck in Their Shadow: Eddie. Originally intended to be a rival to Jack the Clown, the events of 9/11 led him to be retconned into Jack's brother then replaced entirely with Jack. He's gone from that to being given equal billing with other Icons in a house at HHN 14 (notable for being an Iconless year despite having an Icon house) to being given his own house yet treated as a sub-Icon at HHN 16 (where the website material implies he's very much aware of his status at this trope) and again given equal billing with the other Icons in a scarezone at HHN 20 (although technically, all the Icons were sub-Icons compared to the main Icon, Fear).
    • Due to a string of child kidnappings in the Orlando area, Cindy Caine was replaced with her father, Albert Caine aka The Caretaker for HHN 12. She had made later cameos in houses when her father reappeared at the event but eventually got her own house and appeared on an equal footing with other icons in a scarezone in 2010. This trope would have been averted if one of the initial concepts for HHN 20 had gone through: instead of Fear, Cindy was going to be the icon.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: While Eddie and Cindy have made repeated appearances at Halloween Horror Nights after getting scrapped from their intended years, there are still many that would like them to become full Icons, complete with the fleshed out backstories and advertising focus that results in.
    • The Storyteller was used in event advertising for HHN 15 but only appeared in her own house and hasn't had much in the way of backstory revealed about her (and if one was to ask her about it at HHN 20, she'd threaten to cut their tongue off!)
    • Some feel this way about the Iniquitus, the mysterious demonic characters who raised the legions from their graves in 2012. Despite being original content and generally far more interesting than the houses (which are almost exclusively based on existing properties), the Iniquitus are relegated to the background except for the Horror Unearthed interactive game that took place online and in the park.
    • 2008's house Creatures! was a fun, campy house inspired by EC Comics. Set in a Southern roadhouse called the Butchered Buck, the house chronicled the battle between a group of rednecks and goofy-yet-scary aliens. That's all well and good. The problem? The alien costumes were too large and cumbersome and were deemed to be a safety hazard shortly before the event begun. With the exception of one creature seen behind a fence, there were now nearly no creatures in the house called "Creatures".
  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • The Viral Marketing for the 2013 event featured a blog called Evil Takes Root run by one "PS", who deliberately obscured their identity with baggy hooded clothing and an altered voice. PS slowly revealed items in a specific order from a backpack planted by some unknown group that gave PS a specific set of rules to follow while doing so, which lead to PS being purposefully vague on many things in their early posts. When HHN fan forums, Youtube comments, and the HU fanpage started complaining about PS's vagueness, not revealing much about their identity, their failure to go to the authorities, and (most commonly) not just revealing all the contents of the bag at once, PS eventually got frustrated (either by the mysterious group or all those demanding contents faster) and started deviating from the rules.

      Here's where things got unfortunate. Initially, HHN fan forums, YouTube comments, and the Horror Unearthed Facebook fan page mainly referred to PS as a he, a she, or a they. However, around the same time that these discussion places started getting frustrated with PS' approach to things, they started to near exclusively refer to PS as a she. To top it all off, they also started hoping that she ended up dying. Keep in mind that PS' gender hadn't been announced around the time those complaints started cropping upnote ; it wasn't until November that the Legendary Truth campaign revealed that PS was actually Paige Steerington (the daughter of the former Legendary Truth head, no less). Over the years, HHN hype build-up from official sources and previous Legendary Truth campaigns have proven that being vague as all get out and having mysterious ways of operating is a Horror Nights tradition regardless of gender.
    • The Bill And Ted's Halloween Adventure show at the Hollywood park in 2013 was utterly rife with these, with a disturbing number of jokes indulging in racism, homophobia, and a thinly-veiled allusion to Date Rape. The park pulled the show after only a few days once word got out and protests started piling up.
    • Likewise, the Bill & Ted show at HHN Orlando in 2012 suffered from (among other criticisms) a political parody section that was extremely blatantly pro-Obama. The biased rap battle that ensued resulted in news coverage of the show, with Republican groups protesting it. Rumor has it that the initial script of the show included even more unfortunate incidents, such as burning the Book of Mormon.

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