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YMMV: Prince
  • Adaptation Displacement: Many readers of the scanlations don't know that the manhua is based on a series of novels.
  • Fridge Horror: Ignoring the fact the the self aware NPCs are that way because they're people who were trapped in the game while beta testing and lost their memories of the real world after being killed, in the ending they get new bodies made for them in the real world. They go one living as their characters, with Sunshine going to Fairsky and Kenshin moving in with Lan. Their real families? They still think their beloved are dead.
  • Game Breaker: Kenshin, he's not just a Lv99 NPC Companion, he's a Lv99 Boss Class NPC Companion. Its like having Arthas with the same stats as his raid encounter as a party member.
    • That's Lv100.

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